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#ThrowbackThursday: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara Team Up for the First Time

On this day, three years ago, two lucha libre legends teamed up for the first time on WWE television. Rey Mysterio teamed up with the original Sin Cara—formerly known as Mistico and currently known as Myzteziz in AAA—to face Cody Rhodes and Tensai on an episode of Monday Night RAW in Chicago, IL.

Heading into the match, Rey Mysterio was feuding with Cody Rhodes and the Miz over the Intercontinental Championship, which the Miz had at the time. At the same time, Cody was also in a program with Mysterio and Sin Cara over their masks. Cody, who had spent some time under a mask himself during his "Disfigured" run, wanted to unmask both Mysterio and Sin Cara.

While all of this was happening, Sin Cara had scored an upset win over Tensai—who was still supposed to be a monster from Japan—the previous week, which made it convenient to put Tensai and Cody in a team against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. As for the Miz, he was a guest commentator during the match. Below is the match in its entirety:

This match, which Michael Cole made quite a big deal out of since it would be the first time that Mysterio and Sin Cara tagged together on WWE, would be the start of an on-again, off-again tag team featuring the two masked superstars. While they would be in the Tag Team Championship hunt through the last quarter of 2012, Mysterio and Sin Cara would never win the gold.

Mysterio would make sporadic appearances for the WWE through 2013 and 2014, taking a lot of time off because of his injuries. While he was active, he would compete in matches alongside Sin Cara. But the Sin Cara character himself had his share of snafus, most notably concerning the original Sin Cara (Luis Urive)'s departure from WWE.

Today, Rey Mysterio is back with AAA, and if Lucha Underground ever returns to television, their roster could also feature the Master of the 619. As for Sin Cara, we still see him on the regular alongside Kalisto in a tag team called the Lucha Dragons.


What are your favorite tag teams from the distant or the not-so-distant past? Let us know if there are any teams you'd like us to feature here for #ThrowbackThursday!

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