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Triple H Reveals New Name for the Next NXT TakeOver

A couple of hours ago, Triple H tweeted this:

NXT TakeOver: Respect. 

That's actually a pretty awesome name. One thing NXT is doing right is having the same general branding for their big shows (hence the "TakeOver") but having the subtitles reference something about the specific matches going on. Well, except for TakeOver: Brooklyn, because all that made us think of was the possibility of a Cryme Tyme return.

TakeOver: Rival? That's Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn. TakeOver: Unstoppable? That's a reference to Owens' streak (fun fact: all the champions retained that night, so I guess you could say they were... unstoppable).

NXT TakeOver: Respect continues this great trend. The Dusty Rhodes Classic tag team tournament comes to a head here, as we find out who emerges as champions in this tribute to the American Dream. The main event features Sasha Banks and Bayley going at it in a 30-minute Iron Woman match. After the way their last match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn ended, it's evident that these two have a lot of respect for each other. This is the first time in a long, long time that two women are main eventing a live WWE Show, and that says a lot about the respect given to these ladies.

What do you think of the new NXT TakeOver: Respect name? What other matches are you expecting to see? Sound off at the comments section below!

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