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#WTFWednesday: The New Invasion Era?

Much of the talk from WWE's Night of Champions has centered around this particular incident:

Many people thought this was actually legitimate, as the man bears resemblance to several contracted talents. Some say he looks like Joey Mercury, while others point out the resemblence to WWE referee and CZW legend Drake Younger. As awesome as that would have been to see Ambrose reunite with a CZW alumni, that was actually a fan who somehow managed to jump the rail and enter the ring.

For those of you keeping score, this isn't the first time this has happened. Earlier this year, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose got into similar fan alteractions, and Roman Reigns was hit by a briefcase tossed by a fan at a house show. Man, what the fuck is it with these Shield guys and fan interaction? You'd think that fans would have had enough of them by now, given that they used to spend all the time going through crowds.

Well, they are the Hounds of Justice, and justice has indeed been served. PWInsider has reported that Oscar Ramirez, 37, has been sentenced to 10 days' incarceration. He's been charged with criminal trespass of a property and building, for those interested.

I feel like now is the best time to whip out this video:

Seriously though, we here at the Smark Henry offices wonder: Is it really worth it to risk jail time (and the implications of that) just to say that you stood next to Roman Reigns? Doesn't that happen like, every week? I mean, sure, this is probably a story that you could tell your kids, but is it really worth the possibility of losing your job and facing legal fees?

It seems as if the WWE is going to make Ramirez an example and set the bar for what is and is not allowed of fans at live events. Personally, I think it's a good thing that such measures are being put into place. As much as fan participation is great and all, let's not forget that the wrestlers' safety is very important. Remember this incident Seth Rollins had before? Who knows what would've happened if that guy had a knife with him? Heck, what if Roman Reigns was seriously injured by that briefcase?

As smarks, we need to respect the craft the wrestlers put out in the ring. We can't just go on invading whenever we want. The WWE taking measures to prevent this is, as Triple H would say, best for business.

Image from Cageside Seats

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