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WWE 2K16 Overall Ratings Revealed (P.S. Kevin Owens Says Thank You)

One of the more entertaining arguments that comes up whenever a new WWE game comes out is on the Overall Ratings assigned to each wrestler, which is the wrestling nerd equivalent of the age-old debate on who would win a showdown between the X-Men and the Avengers. (Spoiler: It's the X-Men, hands down)

One particularly sharp-eyed Redditor over at /r/SquaredCircle spotted a partial listing of wrestler ratings for the upcoming WWE 2K16 game in this recently-released video about the overhauled MyCareer mode.

We don't have a full listing of all wrestler Overall Ratings yet, but the names that did come out reveal an interesting hierarchy among the currently-known roster.

Some notable big names are missing—Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Kane, Bray Wyatt, and the Big Show are the notably MIA talents from the active roster—but it's fascinating how things are shaping up so far.

Some people may hate how John Cena is the top-rated dude on the roster (#LOLCenaWins, anyone?), but given his body of work over the last year, it's a mostly defensible rating for the newly-crowned U.S. Champion.

We don't think Brock Lesnar is going to be too happy over his 94 rating either, good for second place. As one Redditor joked, there needs to totally be a cheat code to unlock SummerSlam Brock, who would be a totally broken, overpowered character who spams German Suplexes right off the bat. Look out, 2K developers. The Conqueror just might be ticked off enough to invite y'all down for a VIP tour of Suplex City (bitch).

It warms our hearts though how reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is the third-rated WWE Superstar at 92, which marks a slight improvement from last year's 89, and has him tied with the ultra-capable Daniel Bryan. But the biggest surprise to us? An unexpected appearance at #5 by Kevin Owens.

You read that right—our Canadian prizefighting buddy (and current Intercontinental Champion) is, from an objective standpoint, the fifth-highest talent on the WWE 2K16 roster thus far with a 91 rating, just enough to edge out Mr. Money In The Bank Sheamus, who's rocking an overall of 90 this season.


We don't know what kind of input the WWE has in 2K's rating system, so we'll take all this with a grain of salt. But it's nice to imagine the developers passing on their final roster ratings over to WWE brass for their sign-off, and Vince nodding his head approvingly over KO's stellar placing.

Personally, we love that ol' Kev rates this high, if only because his absolute BOSS theme song is our official entrance music for whenever anyone walks into the Smark Henry Offices, which is awesome for us, less so for the Subway delivery guy.

Fun fact: Sami Zayn gets a higher rating than either Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, or the Miz. Big plans afoot for the former NXT Champion? #pressure

What do you think of the 2K16 ratings, gamers? Do you think John Cena deserves to be rated higher than both Brock Lesnar or Seth Rollins? Where do you think Ambrose and Reigns will fall? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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