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WWE RAW Results (9/28/15)

Roman Reigns seeks to end his saga with Bray Wyatt, one-on-one! Plus, Kane gets evaluated by HR!

John Cena's United States Open Challenge is back! The champ kicked off RAW, awaiting a new challenger for his title. And out came WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day! Stepping up on the trio's behalf? Xavier Woods!

1. United States Championship: John Cena defeated WWE Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods (w/ co-champions Big E and Kofi Kingston) via DQ
- Kofi and Big E broke Cena's STF submission hold on Woods, causing the DQ; Cena retained his title
- After the match, the trio ganged up on Cena until The Dudley Boyz made the save!

2. Six-man Tag Team Match: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day def. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) and US Champion John Cena
- Kingston pinned D-Von after a Trouble in Paradise

After the break, The Authority were shown backstage, conferring with HR personnel Ashley. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon referred the Kane "double-identity" issue to her, who would perform a performance evaluation on the Director of Operations!

Then, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were shown having a meeting. Reigns will face Bray Wyatt one-on-one in the main event. Ambrose raised concern that Reigns would be triple-teamed again by The Wyatt Family, but he said he would be there for Reigns. Orton then dropped by, saying that he hopes Reigns would handle his business that night, because afterwards, it's "open season."

3. The Big Show def. Mark Henry via the Knockout Punch

After the break, The Miz hosted MizTV, with guests Becky Lynch and Divas Champion Charlotte. Both Divas called out Paige, but Team Bella emerged instead. After an exchange of words, Paige decided to show up and hurled more explosive statements at all the Divas. Soon enough, chaos ensued, with Team PCB surprisingly clearing the ring together!

4. Six-Diva Tag Team Match: Team Bella (Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, and Nikki Bella) def. Team PCB (Paige, Divas Champion Charlotte, and Becky Lynch)
- Nikki pinned Charlotte after a Rack Attack
- Natalya attempted to fill in for Paige during the match, but Paige laid her out then left

Backstage, Kane attempted to get back in WWE World Champion Seth Rollins' good graces (in the presence of HR personnel Ashley) by digging up the head of the champ's statue (which was destroyed by Sting) and giving it to Rollins as a gift. Rollins, however, did not accept it. In the end, it was left in the hands of Ashley!

5. Braun Strowman and Luke Harper def. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil)
- Strowman applied a bearhug on O'Neil, who passed out

6. Neville def. Stardust via DQ
- A returning King Barrett cost Neville the match by hitting him with the Bullhammer
- After the match, Barrett hit Stardust with the Bullhammer as well!

After the break, HR person Ashley was in the ring to report the results of her performance evaluation on Kane. But Rollins came out and didn't want to hear any of it, calling her report "biased."

Ashley reported it, anyway, calling Kane "professional, kind, helpful and thoughtful." She then evaluated Rollins, calling him "rude, cruel, petty, narcissistic and paranoid."

Throwing a fit, Rollins suddenly attacked Kane, who was brought out of the ring in a stretcher and loaded onto the ambulance. But the ambulance stopped, and out came the Demon Kane! He no-sold Rollins' attacks and left the champ scurrying! The segment ended with Kane raising the WWE World Title!

After another break, Bray Wyatt cut a promo on Roman Reigns.

7. Randy Orton def. Bo Dallas via the RKO

8. Rusev vs Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens went to a no contest
- Both men attacked Ryback on commentary instead
- This brought out Dolph Ziggler for the save!

After the break, Paul Heyman came out to the ring to promote his client Brock Lesnar's match vs The Big Show! However, Big Show issued a reply of his own, which rattled and silenced Heyman.

9. Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt went to a double count-out
- Reigns and Wyatt were counted out as Reigns set up Wyatt on the announce table
- After the match, the brawl between Reigns and Wyatt continued. It ended when Reigns speared Wyatt from one announce table and landing on the other!

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