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Mayhem Brannigan's Post-Renaissance Injuries Revealed

Looks like what goes around comes around in the case of PWR's daredevil anarchist Mayhem Brannigan.

Almost exactly a year after the leader of the Ryot Squad sent the Royal Flush's original Jack Of All Trades, Robin Sane, permanently packing with a concussion caused by a skull-crushing Rock n' Roll DDT at the first ever match in PWR history, Brannigan is reportedly sidelined with multiple injuries after a brutal assault by Fighters 4 Hire at PWR Renaissance 2015.

The PWR official Facebook page reports that Mayhem Brannigan suffered a broken nose and a dislocated shoulder after the vicious beatdown issued by Fighters 4 Hire moments after Brannigan had defeated Chris Panzer in a PHX Championship semifinal match.

INJURY REPORT: Mayhem Brannigan suffered a broken nose and a dislocated shoulder after taking a surprise beatdown and a...
Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Monday, 5 October 2015

Having witnessed the attack conducted by the brutal mercenary pair of Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales, we have to say Mayhem is lucky to escape with just these injuries.

It isn't every wrestler who escapes unscathed from a Con-Chair-To—a move that's been known to leave victims with fractured skulls and concussions.

Medical responders led by PWR Senior Official Matt Roxas were quick on the scene to attempt to stabilize Mrs. Brannigan's baby boy after the bone-shattering events.

Obviously the crowd in attendance was alarmed at seeing Mayhem unable to walk off under his own power—he is, after all, legendary in PWR circles for such death-defying stunts as his infamous second-story balcony dive and over-the-top-rope huracanrana to the outside.

Due to the attack, Brannigan was unable to compete in the PHX finals, forfeiting his match and rendering the other semifinal between eventual champion Ken Warren and the diminutive Ralph Imabayashi into a de facto finals match-up.

More than the injuries he incurred, Mayhem is incensed over having lost his chance for championship gold and the seeming inaction on the part of PWR General Manager Mr. Sy. On his personal Facebook account, the masked marauder made his intent known with an f-bomb fuelled rant against the perceived injustice.

A tiny shiner and a broken nose (and perhaps a few other things in a few different places......) is all it takes to get...
Posted by Mayhem Brannigan on Monday, 28 September 2015

We wouldn't want to be in "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren's shoes, that's for sure.

Recovery time is unknown as of press time, but we'll keep you all updated with Mayhem Brannigan's recovery timetable and implications on the PHX championship scene.

All photos by Hub Pacheco

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