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#FinisherFriday: Go To Hell, Stage 1

Holla playas! Welcome to another edition of your favorite dose of face-smashing, arm-wringing, Smark Henry happy balancing, and semi-nonsensical ramblings with #FinisherFridays!

 Whilst we here at the Smark Henry boiler rooms await our call-ups to the main office and spend an entire week force-fed with split-demonic identities, stalled revolutions, and the under-the-radar emergence of Roman Reigns(?!), we realized that are actually overlooking the impending GO TO HELL TOUR of BRRRROOOOAACCKKKK LESSSSNAAEERRRRR!

Yep, that’s our reaction too. 

As everyone and their mommas already know, this “tour” is solely meant to hype up the match bigger than the match too big for Wrestlemania: the Undertaker vs Lesnar Part 3. As much as we love to jump to conclusions (as if we and our mommas don’t do enough of this already), the first stop of this GTH Tour will kick off on this weekend’s WWE Network Exclusive- MSG house show, with the Beast Incarnate taking on the Big Show.

Despite a stacked show, we can’t help but look into this match-up as if we have...

...never seen... before.
Still, this seems to be intriguing, even though we know who’s disappearing for a while. With that, let’s take a look into a few possible scenarios the Beast will be folding Big Show into a giant-sized message to the Deadman. Of course, straddling kayfabe-only lines. ;)

 F5 means Restart 

Yup, this happened before. But don’t expect Brock to be stumbling out after this match.

Despite Big Show’s allegedly possible 500 pound kaha, Brock’s version of the spin-out fireman’s carry facebuster will chop this big baby down quick. And we predict that he does this more than once, with one F5 swing-out to the ringpost to break Show’s legs.

The Kimura on Lock 

Bork pls..
Or this can happen.

If you wanted to send a message, breaking arms through the Kimura Lock can guarantee a sure-fire hit to get it across. Heck, use the move that should have ended your previous match at Summerslam! 

While Brock has crossed over the Kimura lock to pro-wrestling and broken a few arms in the process, this is definitely a move that can buy a ticket to hell. And can also do this...

Either way, we see this match as going the way Lesnar’s recent matches have been: a slow, methodical mutilation. But Big Show (and even ‘Taker) still have a glimmer of hope that they get off their first-class train ride to hell. All they have to do is break the pattern of EAT, SLEEP, GO TO HELL, REPEAT but we all know that Brock only does two of those things, and it’s not lounging around in couches and having chicken for dinner.

Oh, and this too:

If you have any get well soon messages for the Big Show, the comment section below is an avenue that we will ensure will get to him. We are with you, Show.

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