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#FinisherFridays: Viva La Raza!

Hola, holmes!

It’s that time of the week again as everyone’s favorite dose of happy balance of face-smashing, arm-wringing, and partly enjoyable musings of boiler room freaks is here, #FinisherFridays!


Now, Friday is already a good enough reason to celebrate (or Bella-brate!) but we take a break from our usual take on wrestling highlights ranging from flip-flopping demons and heavyweight titles to free-falling ratings and skyrocketing women’s divisions, as we give tribute to one of the greats today, October 9.

It’s incredible how time flies so fast as it has been already a decade finding ourselves here without him. But also, those years (and still counting) are a part of the great legacy that he left behind, as an icon and inspiration to some of the top wrestlers of the world today. It would be a damn shame if we didn’t look back and bring to fore again the life of the would-have-been 47th birthday of everyone’s favorite papi, Latino Heat himself, Eddie Guerrero.

Of course, we could go on and on about the accomplishments and antics of Eddie but we'd like to focus on what we do best and that's by showcasing his top signature finishes of his career! Here we go!





.. our hearts <3 <3 <3

Well, hey, he's not the most loved liar, cheater and thief out there for nothing, right?

Kidding aside, here are his top two finishers:

1. Lasso from El Paso

Even with his lucha libre roots, Eddie was also regarded as one of the more technical grapplers in his time. And this was highlighted very much in his heel run in the WWE.

Now if there was one thing that made a submission effective, it just needed two things: 1) targeting a specific body part and 2) make it hurt like a mf’er, capable of making an opponent tap or pass out in pain, regardless whether it has been worked on during the match or not. Eddie took the Cloverleaf and turned it into the Lasso from El Passo, a modified version of the Texas Cloverleaf with pretty much the same mechanics of tying up the knees and ankles into an inverted figure-four ankle lock, but pulling the opponent’s legs high enough to where he can apply further pressure by planting his knees into the opponent’s back. That’s three pain pressure points: the knee, ankle, and the back. Ouch.

Talk about Eddie taking you to town with this one.

2. Frog Splash

Stone Cold to the Stunner. The Rock to the People’s Elbow. Brock Lesnar to the F5.

All these moves have been synonymous to these wrestlers. It was so signature the way they performed these moves, you can never imagine anyone else doing it as fluidly and effectively.

Unfortunately though...
Inspired by his former partner from La Pareja del Terror (The Pair of Terror), Art Barr, Eddie brought out a simple top-rope frog splash into one of the most iconic finishers of all time.

Previously called the Jackknife Splash in WCW, he brought this move to great heights (literally and figuratively) when he came to WWE as part of the Radicalz.

The vision of Eddie executing this move is a thing of beauty, from shimmying his way to climb the turnbuckle, to taking a moment to measure his opponent before he leaps off and aligning his body while doing a quick scissors pump before he smashes his entire weight on his opponent.

And we could never really look at the Frog Splash the same way again.


A decade gone without what some call the best of all-time, but while we may not see him in the ring anymore, Eddie Guerrero has sure carved his way into the hearts of the old, young, lapsed, even smarky, wrestling fans and we will never ever forget who our papi is.

Viva La Raza!


Let us know what finishers and signature moves you want featured by commenting below or tweeting our resident move-meister, @imbatlynch. Don’t forget to include #FinisherFriday!

Photos from WWE

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