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Ken Warren on PHX Title Win: It's All Me!

If you were in a title tournament, and your scheduled opponent in the finals couldn't make it, would your championship win be worth it?

For inaugural Philippine Hybrid X (PHX) division champion Ken Warren, the circumstances don't matter. Because, at the end of the day, in his words, he's the champ, and they're not.

At Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR)'s September show, Renaissance, Warren defeated Ralph Imabayashi to become the first-ever PHX Champion. But it was a tournament semi-final that suddenly became the finals.

A vicious attack earlier that night by Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) on Mayhem Brannigan – the other semi-finalist who defeated Chris Panzer – left Mr. Sy no choice but to hand the the PHX Title belt to the winner of the Warren-Imabayashi bout.

Smark Henry talked to The "Social Media Sinister" about taking home the PHX gold, getting Fighters 4 Hire, and claiming to be a #WorkhorseForLife.

Well, he talked to us after he finished posting status updates on social media.

Smark Henry: First off, congratulations on your title win.

Ken Warren: Thank you!

SH: How does it feel to be the inaugural PHX Champion?

KW: It was good, of course; I'm the champion! Well, I'm just gonna say that I expected it, because I'm the Social Media Sinister, the crowd-proclaimed Human Trending Topic, the #CandidAttentionBandit, the Face of Facebook, Twitter's Favorite, and the OG of IG, yours truly, Ken Warren. So yeah, I kinda expected it.

SH: Are you proud? Are you happy? Are you more than happy?

KW: Haha, am I proud? "Proud" is an understatement, bro!

SH: You won at Renaissance against Ralph Imabayashi.

KW: Yeah, the pocket rocket, the midget, yeah, what's up?

SH: Was it easy for you to beat him? Or was it a challenge?

KW: You know what, kudos to him. He took me to my limit... almost. He surprised me, bro. I was expecting it's gonna be a lot easier... but he took me to my limit, sort of. Kudos to him, he stood his ground. And, much applause to him, like two claps from me, like *clap, clap*. That's about it.

SH: He doesn't deserve a third clap?

KW: I'll think about it.

SH: Your victory, though, was under sinister circumstances...

KW: No! I beat him by myself, and I didn't need the help of Fighters 4 Hire. They got ejected from ringside by the referee. I beat him by myself. That was me! You should see the pictures, that was me, all me. There was no Fighters 4 Hire when I won it.

SH: Yeah, it was all you, and both your feet on the ropes as you pinned Ralph Imabayashi.

KW: Was it my fault that the ropes were near to me? Did I construct the ring to have tons of ropes? The way I see it, I simply made the most out of the situation.

Look, kid, inside that squared circle, if you want something bad enough (and let's not forget that I'm bad to the bone), you'll have to go the extra mile. And that means getting ahead of everyone before they even notice it. Get it? Totally not surprised if you don't.

'And stay down!' Photo by Hub Pacheco

SH: Another thing, then: the Fighters 4 Hire wasn't around in the final moments of your match. But they did interfere in the other semi-final match between Mayhem Brannigan and Chris Panzer.

KW: Uhm, yeah. That's what I heard.

SH: That's what you heard?

KW: Yeah, from my sources.

SH: Didn't you orchestrate that? Wasn't that the plan?

KW: No comment.

SH: No comment?

I don't know what happened! I just heard stuff, like someone attacked who, and I was like, "Oh, OK. Someone attacked someone. Alright..."

SH: But one could make that connection. You may not be in the Mayhem-Panzer match...

KW: Yeah, I was preparing for my match...

SH: ... but that doesn't mean you didn't give them the orders.

KW: There's no proof I gave the orders. It's not me, dude. You have no solid evidence to prove it's me. I was preparing for my match. I was doing 500 push-ups. Or was it 5,000? I can't remember?

SH: But still, you didn't face the winner of the first semi-final match. So could we say that your PHX Championship win was a fluke?

KW: It wasn't a fluke. I won by myself. What are you trying to say, bro? I won by myself fair and square!

SH: Could you win it even without getting Fighters 4 Hire?

KW: I did it without them! Have you seen the pictures, dude? I did it without them. All me, bro, all day. I'm the #WorkhorseForLife, bro!

SH: But they took out the one you should've faced in the tournament final.

KW: That's their problem, not mine. I paid their services to accompany me.

The payout. Photo by Hub Pacheco.

SH: So you do confirm that you got the services of Fighters 4 Hire?

KW: Of course!

SH: For how much?

KW: I won't say. But I paid them enough.

SH: They're like the APA (Acolyte Protection Agency)?

KW: Sort of, but not really. Mine is more bad-ass, bro!

SH: But isn't it awkward that you faced one of them, Joey Bax, in the first round of the PHX Championship Tournament?

KW: Not really. Because when it comes to me, it's all about business, you know what I'm saying? And when I'm about business, I'm all about connection as well. I know how to get around my connections. I make the most out of it.

SH: Was it also business for Joey Bax? You toyed with him and somehow humiliated him during that first round match.

KW: You see, he stood his ground as well. Kudos to him, because that's how you see how professional we are. We mean business, and we do business. That's how it is.

SH: In future shows, would they still accompany you?

KW: Depends on my mood. I wanted a grand entrance at PWR Renaissance, bro, the second annual!

SH: In the next show, would we expect them to be with you again?

KW: Watch the next show to find out!

Warren and the Fighters 4 Hire at Renaissance. Photo by Hub Pacheco

What If?

SH: Let's have some what-if situations. What if, regardless of what Fighters 4 Hire did or even if they didn't get involved at all, Mayhem Brannigan proceeded to the finals against you?

KW: I probably would've kicked his ass. Even [that of] the amboy, Chris Panzer. Either of them... wait, make it both of them, I could take them both, man! I'm the crowd-proclaimed Human Trending Topic, come on.

SH: Even if Panzer has two wins against you, and you only have one against him...

KW: I don't care. He's not the champion right now, he's not Philippine Hybrid X Champion. I am! So screw him.

SH: What if Mr. Sy had both Mayhem and Panzer face you instead?

KW: That would be unfair, though. I only prepared for two matches with one individual, not two.

SH: We couldn't shake the feeling, though, that you and Mr. Sy somehow colluded in this one. Because if we were Mr. Sy, we wouldn't just hand the title to the winner of your match. We would wait for the winner of the other semi-final match.

KW: Why is that? May I ask?

SH: To be fair. You can't just cancel out the first one. Mayhem won that.

KW: Well, I am not Mr. Sy. He cancelled it. Ask him.

SH: Will all that said, are you contented with how you won the PHX Title?

KW: Of course! Why not?

SH: Despite the controversy?

KW: What controversy? You're creating the controversy right now!

SH: We think we could, because that's how we saw it.

KW: Not how I see it, though.

SH: Would you like to win your title in any other way, besides what happened at Renaissance? I mean, do you prefer another ending?

KW: I could've made [Imabayashi] submit or have the referee count him out. Either way, dude, I would've won regardless.

I could face any of the three, and I'd still win. It's the same result, dude.

A more-than-proud PHX champ.

What's Next For The Champ?

SH: In our interview with PWR "Classical" Bryan Leo after Wrevolution X...

KW: Yeah, the champ, my homie, what's up?

SH: ... we asked him about a possible replacement or addition to The Royal Flush following Main Maxx's injury. He answered by saying, "we could put a hashtag on that." Is the Royal Flush sending feelers your way?

KW: Well, we always play poker and card games every weekend; we have some drinks at the bar at BGC. But, yeah, they have their own thing, I have my own thing. I like to fly solo... not with the ladies, though, you know what I'm saying.

SH: But is there a possibility that you'd be part of the Flush? I mean, do you want to, or is it OK for you?

KW: The possibilities are endless, bro. Depends, depends on my mood. I don't know.

SH: Back to the PHX Title. Definitely, they're out to get you.

KW: Who?

SH: Ralph Imabayashi, the one you should've faced at the finals (Mayhem), Chris Panzer, and all the other PWR stars. Are you ready for them?

KW: Of course! Keep 'em coming!

SH: What's your message to them?

KW: I am the PHX Champion, and you guys are not. You can #THAT!

SH: And what are your plans with the PHX title?

KW: I'm gonna have it retouched, gonna have it shinier than ever.

SH: Do you plan to do a John Cena and have an open challenge for the title?

KW: No, I'm going to have my own thing. I want originality, I don't want copying some other wrestlers.

SH: Will you be setting your sights on the PWR Championship?

KW: Uhm, yeah, I mean, if you're in the PWR roster, who wouldn't want to be the World Champion, right? I want to be the World Champion somehow. So, somehow, someway, I'll get my way.

SH: What if the PWR Champion is still "Classical" Bryan Leo, and you'll face him?

KW: Well, I'm up for all challenges, you know. I could take on anyone. Hell, give me an indy star from the US, I could take him on!

SH: A few more questions: What does the future hold for Ken Warren?

KW: More success, definitely.

SH: And finally, what is your message to all PWR fans?

KW: To the PWR fans, especially my naysayers, you're my motivation, thank you. My followers, I am very humbled by all your support. But really, you need to strive harder to be like me, you know, to be as successful as me, and you could #THAT!

SH: Thank you, Ken Warren.

KW: The pleasure is all yours!

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