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#MustWatchMonday: The First Time Dusty Rhodes Became A World Champion

Today, the wrestling world celebrates what would have been "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes's 70th birthday. So many words have been said about Dusty since he passed earlier this year that we need not go back into them while they're still fresh. Instead, we here in the Smark Henry offices choose to celebrate the gold and the glory of his storied days walking earth.

Right here is footage of the very first time Dusty won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship versus the King himself, Harley Race. As per the tradition back in the territory days, this took place in a Tampa house show back in August 21, 1979. It's absolutely brutal, as territorial wrestling and the NWA was wont to be back in those days, with cringeworthy shots to the head that would scare us and the investor-beholden WWE today, but shots only true pros could pull off.

This particular footage has commentary from Dusty Rhodes, as faciliated by legendary commentator Gordon Solie. It's not the full thing, but it's still a great watch:

Happy birthday, Dusty!

What was your favorite Dusty moment? Let us know in the comments!

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