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#SGQ: A New Look for Solomon Crowe

Not only can poor Solomon Crowe not seem to find a way to get called up to the main WWE roster (or even get some meaningful airtime on NXT, for that matter), it seems like he just can't find a look he can stick with either.

We spotted yet another new look for Crowe, which looks like what would happen if Shinsuke Nakamura hooked up with Tazz for one sleazy night of Grindr-powered action, to put it charitably.

We're down with the Skrillex undercut (although we do think PWR Senior Official Matt Roxas did it better), but the orange embroidered vest isn't blowing our socks off—it looks too much like an SM Department Store prop, nawmean? 

We can't get a good look at what he's wearing underneath it, but hopefully it's something a little more tasteful than his too-high singlet that shows too much side-rump and inner thigh for our (very manly) tastes. 

Last time we saw this much thigh was at a KFC.
Man, those trunks are cut so high, even Rikishi is telling him to put some jeggings on. 

Frankly, we wish Crowe had just stuck with his hacker look from a ways back. The slicked-back hair and pleather may have made him look like a Mugatu henchman from Zoolander, but at least ol' Solly got to look semi-svelte for the first time in his wrestling life. 

Styled by Derelicte.
What do you think of Solomon Crowe's new look, Henrinites? Do you think the new Swagsuke 'do works for him, or was he better off as the world's scariest troll? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we'll put our finest sastres on it.

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