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#SGQ: The Styles of PWR Renaissance

Welcome to another edition of SGQ, the only column that celebrates the styles and fashions behind the larger-than-life superheroes of the wrestling world.


Once again strutting his stuff on the preshow, Vintendo's added a nice, clean shirt to his gear from PWR Live. The solid red adds a little bit of color, which fits his video game-inspired gimmick. We don't know if Vintendo will be using this as regular gear moving forward, but it's interesting to point out that the "Challenge Accepted" part fit him as he went up against one heck of a challenge in "The Machine" Maverick Knight. 

Moving forward, we're introducing a new system of measurement for SGQ, otherwise known as the Breeze-Rhodes Scale. From 1-10 Tylers, we rate how good these outfits/attires look, so get used to seeing this face for the next 10 minutes or so. Vintendo gets 6.5 Tylers for his first SGQ entry.



So, SANDATA didn't really change his outfit, but he does have a new shirt which we feel is worth pointing out. It's a very clean design that reminds us of a certain Samoan from NXT, and is exactly the type of shirt that you can wear outside of wrestling-related events and not get looked at in a weird way. Just an all-around good shirt (there's also another color scheme, for those interested) that's easy to wear, and that gets 7.5 Tylers.


"Cutthroat" John Sebastian

Sebastian continues his practice of paying homage to some very popular wrestlers via his outfits. He's done Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor in the past, and for PWR Renaissance it's CM Punk who gets a little bit of love. He's got the hoodie and the X-marked wraps like the Straight Edge Savior, and even did his famous "It's clobberin' time!" taunt before his No Holds Barred Match with Bombay Suarez. He's also got a new colorway of the Royal Flush shirt, with black replacing the grey shirts the group used to wear. This isn't really jaw-dropping, but it gets the job done, which means a score of 6 Tylers.


New PHX Champion, "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren

This is classic Ken Warren — he's worn this before, and it works. It's attention-grabbing without necessarily being too flashy (mainly because of the designs on the red coat). But hey, then again, this is Ken Warren, so we're pretty sure he can pull off flashy. Still, this one's good enough to score 8 Tylers. Now that he's PHX Champion, though, we expect him to look even more awesome at the next PWR show so he can get those additional Tylers.


Chris Panzer

Right away, Chris Panzer's outfit reminds you of a certain WWE Hall of Famer (hint: he's just a sexy boy). Long hair, tights, and a cut-up shirt just like the Heartbreak Kid wore in the later parts of his career. The thing is, though, that Panzer has done better before, and we just can't rate this as high as we would his pink trunks from a previous PWR show (which was really cool). 4.5 Tylers for the leader of the Panzer Army


Mayhem Brannigan

Well, Mayhem's got the type of outfit that really defines who he is. Nothing screams "REBEL!" more than a Hannibal mask, dyed hair, and a denim vest. Just by looking at this you can tell that Mayhem Brannigan doesn't take shit sitting down, and it fits his personality and character like a glove. This one gets a fair 6.5 Tylers.


PWR General Manager Mr. Sy

A boss needs to dress like, well, a boss, and Mr. Sy certainly lives up to his role of PWR General Manager. His maroon-on-white combination works well and makes him stand out from everyone else at the Makati Square Arena. Which makes sense, because you can easily find him if you want to take a picture, congratulate him on a great show, or confront him about workplace issues (if you're Mark D. Manalo). Then again, he's got a little more leeway compared to the wrestlers as you can't really be wearing stuff like that for in-ring action, but it's very good for what he does. 8.5 Tylers, Mr. Sy, and remember — we'll be watching (your outfits).


Reigning PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo

We end this entry of SGQ with the defending PWR Champion, "Classical" Bryan Leo. For PWR Renaissance, he's dressed as a champion should dress, with an elegant white robe with some gold trimmings. White and gold is always a classy colorway, and it fits this champion from a first world country. He debuted a new rash guard attire as well, with his name in bold letters all over it. For those of you who don't know, you should know. Easily the night's standout attire, and that gets a solid 9 Tylers.


What do you guys think? Whose outfits were your favorites from PWR Renaissance? Let us know in the comments section below!

All photos taken by Hub Pacheco

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