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What's Shane McMahon Up To?

Batista recently posted a picture onto his Instagram that got us all teary-eyed: A photo of himself bestie-ing it up with Shane McMahon. The Boy Wonder apparently came out to see the world premier of Spectre, the latest movie in the James Bond franchise where Batista co-stars, and Big Dave couldn't resist the chance to capture the moment for posterity.

Here comes the money indeed. But this photo got us wondering—what exactly has Shane McMahon been up to? And how much money exactly is coming?

We do know most of his time is taken up being the Chairman of YOU On Demand (YOD)—a video-on-demand service based in Beijing and New York that serves up all kinds of video content through non-traditional means to Chinese consumers. Think of it as "Netflix for China,"  an innovative end-to-end content-and-delivery service that, according to the company's corporate site, has strategic content partnerships with "many of Hollywood's top studios including Disney Media Distribution, Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal and Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, Miramax, as well as a broad selection of the best content from Chinese filmmakers" to stream movies and other entertainment to mobile phones, smart TVs, computers, and over-the-top devices.

Photo via BuzzFeed.

According to YOD's second quarter financial report presided over by Shane himself, the company is in potent growth mode, growing 710% from its dismal first few years to earn $1.48 million in revenues in its most recently-recorded quarter, finally giving some hope for a company he reportedly invested $7 million of his own money in.

That's obviously not huge value in a market the size of China. With a DVD piracy industry estimated at about $6 billion a year, it's an uphill battle McMahon has been waging, even at a dirt-cheap price of just $1-3 per movie. He's entered into long-term alliances with such companies as Samsung, Huawei, C-Media and Dr. Peng Company to bundle his service with their smart TVs and phones to hopefully build a bigger footstep into a nation with nearly a billion smartphone users and cable TV subscribers.

Shane is in a bigger war than his legendary street fight with Kurt Angle. Photo via WWE.

But that's not to say YOD is the only pie Shane has his finger in.

Thanks to a couple of trusts set up by his father, Vince McMahon, despite cashing out nearly a million dollars worth of shares in 2010, Shane McMahon still owns about 1.54 million shares of WWE, which, at today's trading rate of $20.81 per share, is worth approximately $32.1 million dollars.

Based on NASDAQ records, the WWE is scheduled to pay out dividends of $0.12 per share at the end of each quarter in 2015—meaning Shane easily earned roughly $740,000 just from his holdings in this year alone.

CNN Money places the total worth of WWE today about $1.58 billion, meaning Shane's holdings only represent about 2% of the company at most.

For comparison, Stephanie McMahon holds approximately 2.5 million WWE shares, placing her net worth at over $52 million. But both pale in comparison to Vince, who himself owns nearly 40 million shares, placing his individual wealth at well over $800 million.

And with the recent rumors swirling over a "Best of Shane McMahon" DVD in the works for a release by the WWE 2016, with a commensurate on-screen return for the man once thought to be heir apparent to the WWE empire, Shane did leave us all with some poignant words in an interview conducted with BuzzFeed, when asked if he would ever come back to lead the WWE.

“It’s in my blood,” he blurted before pausing to search for the proper response. “I would answer, if I feel it’s the right time and I could make a significant difference, I would consider it.”

Vince doesn't discount the possibility either. "It was Shane’s decision to go out on his own," he said in the same interview, "and it will be Shane’s decision to come back, if he wished to."

It just feels good seeing Vince walk out with Shane by his side.
We're probably a long way off from ever hearing the name "Shane McMahon" on WWE programming again, but it's nice knowing that he's doing all right for himself, and that he still hasn't shut the door on a possible return to the business where he grew up.

But we'll be frank; we do miss the dude. In case you've forgotten his awesomeness, here's a playlist of Shane McMahon's greatest WWE highlights.

What do you think, Henrichachos? Do you think Shane McMahon will be returning to the WWE next year? Drop us a line below if you believe that there's still a place for Shane-o-Mac in a world ruled by Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and her husband, Triple H.

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