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The SmackDown Rundown (10/8/15): Replaymania

It’s Thursday night and we’re in the spot, all we have to do is watch. Welcome to another edition of Smackdown Rundown. This week’s Blue Brand offering was a bit disappointing, but it still had something to be happy about. So let’s get down to it.

A New Day for the New Streak

I’ll tackle this first since I felt that this was the main event. The New Day opened the show with their usual energetic crowd pumping (they even did the Kliq thingy), fresh from their Monday night beatdown session. Dolph Ziggler interrupted the party with a challenge to his former bodyguard Big E. Their banter was surprisingly well written. Xavier Wood’s fair fight comment was hilarious enough, but Ziggy’s response and Team 3D’s entrance made the promo epic. I love it.

The match itself was pretty standard. Big E got the win due to his cohort’s interference. Xavier Woods kicking Bubba Ray’s ankle through the steel steps was a nice heel touch. The New Day is really rolling with this one. I’m not sure if I’m happy that they are doing so at Ziggler’s expense, but still. This mean streak of the fabulous trio is something to watch out for. Now develop the Ziggler-Cena saga and everything will be at their right place in the universe.

When it Reigns, It Sucks

The main event really made me scratch my head. Roman Reigns teamed up with the perennial tag team partner Randy Orton to face two-thirds of the Wyatt Family. I’m surprised Orton on SmackDown isn’t a big deal anymore. Remember when they put emphasis on the fact that the Viper, who only does RAW duty, will be competing on the B show? I don’t know. Just an observation, I guess. Orton can’t save this horrendous main event anyway. Beardy the Strowman did all the leg work for the heels. I didn’t even care who won the match.

Here’s my complaint. Last week, Reigns stared down the Eater of Worlds in the middle of the ring. It was awesome. From there, you’d expect they’ll follow it up with at least the same quality of promo, right? This week, we got a pre-taped promo from Wyatt, which was fine. Cody Stardust even got some airtime, whatever it is he’s blabbering about. But Reigns only got a split screen promo? Really? That’s their follow-up? A split goddamn screen promo? AND Reigns was talking too long? This was supposed to be a big grudge match, and it’s a Hell in a Cell match, for Pete’s sake. This ain’t no steel cage match Raw opener match. I don’t even.

It was clear from here on that this show was just another throwaway episode where they just made whoever’s present in the locker room compete in matches while replays from Live from MSG and RAW got more screen time. Kudos.

Sorry Discount Lana, No Ring for You

Alexander “Kneepads Are For Losers” Rusev faced Captain Armbands Ryback to determine the unmer one contender for the Intercontinental champion. I was hoping Rusev will win since it will make more sense for his current storyline with Discount Lana, and it’s also interesting to have a heel vs heel rivalry. I don’t have any high hopes for another Ryback vs. Kevin Owens match. Maybe Rusev will set his sights on the United States title in the coming weeks. An Ambrose-Rusev fight sounds intriguing.

The King of Bad News Prevails and Divas Collide

Bad episodes produce bad reviews, amirite?

Anyway, King Barrett faced Khaleesi Neville in a throwaway match that kills any potential this rivalry could have had, if there was any. I thought they’d give this rivalry a chance to develop, but since they let King Barrett Bull Hammer his way to Neville’s skull, this is the end of it. Yey Barrett. I hope the two just move on with their careers since the man that gravity and the WWE forgot is gearing up to be a triad leader anyway, and Barrett can still become a big player in a sea of superstars.

Also this week, Not from Twilight’s Team Bella faced Team NCB in another 6-woman tag match. This match was lackluster compared to last week’s Divas match. This was pretty much just to introduce the crazy cat lady Natalya as the new member of Charlotte’s trio of besties. The Divas revolution still lacks steam and isn’t offering something to make the audience care. They’ll find a way, I think.

SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: I really thought SmackDown was gearing up to return to its roots as the fun alternative to WWE’s flagship show. Two weeks in a row, they delivered decent-to-solid Thursday night shows. Somewhere down that road, something happened and now we’re back delivering crappy SmackDown shows where we just air replays to kill some time. If you didn’t watch this week, don’t worry; all you missed was a fun 20-minute New Day segment.

Express Thoughts:

  • Summer Rae pointing at her ring finger during Rusev’s match was funny. Was that supposed to motivate him?
  • No “You Still Got It” chants for Natalya? K.
  • When is Cody Rhodes coming back?
  • Suddenly, I wanted to see a Cesaro swing. That guy is scary strong.

Did you enjoy this week’s Smackdown? You did? Really? Feel free to let me know by writing mean comments down below. I’ll see you next week, hopefully this is just a hiccup to an already good Thursday night streak.


Ricky Jay Publico is a wrestling fan who enjoys watching high flyers and brawlers battle it out in the ring. A known Botchamania binge-watcher, he claims to have memorized the chronological order of Royal Rumble winners, but fails to remember who won in 2004. He writes stories about life and nonsense.

Photo from WWE

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