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#ThemeSongTuesday: U! HAA!

By now, we're sure you've all heard about Apollo Crews (or for you hipsters, The Artist Formerly Known as Uhaa Nation). Throughout his short time in NXT, he's managed to impress tons of people with his in-ring ability and presence, making him one of the guys to watch at Full Sail.

This post isn't about Crews' wrestling skill, though. Instead, we feature his unique entrance theme, back when he was still wrestling in promotions such as Dragon Gate and Evolve:

It's actually a very catchy, high-energy theme which fits Crews/Uhaa to a tee (emphasized by the "U! HAA!" chants that fit perfectly into the song). We'd be lying if we said they made this specifically for him, though, so let's take a look at where this song actually came from:

Yeah, go on and take a moment to digest what you just saw. What the fuck?

Yes, Dschinghis Khan was actually West Germany's entry for the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision, humanity's greatest contribution to history (John Oliver explains it pretty well here). The song is about, well, Genghis Khan, and is basically a series of verses extolling the virtues of the Mongol conqueror. Like, you know, for his bloodthirsty ways and conquests. What connection this has to Crews, we can only speculate on.

Oh, and the song also talks about his sexual prowess. We're serious. Check out the English version:

He was the greatest lover and the strongest man of his day
And we have heard that all the women fell for him, so they say
And he bred seven children, in one long night
He had his girls around him, at his very sight

So yes, the next time you watch an Uhaa Nation highlight video, we hope you don't forget the meaning behind the song. We hope you remember the legend of Genghis Khan, and how he bred seven children in one night.

You're welcome.

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