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Tyler Breeze Is On The Main Roster—Now What?


After a week of speculation and rumours over whether NXT's resident male supermodel Tyler Breeze would finally be making his debut on the WWE main roster, the unimaginable has happened.
That's right, fellow uggos, Prince Pretty is officially a SmackDown talent, as spoiled by the WWE itself via the Twitter machine.

The surprise debut supposedly occurred during a MizTV segment hosted by the Miz, which featured Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae as guest stars.

According to live reports, Ziggler was in the process of dumping Summer, saying he wasn't interested in her, to which she retorted that she'd found a new "real man," introducing Tyler Breeze to a big pop. Breeze then proceeded to cut a promo on how he and his "Summer Rae of Sunshine" are here to give the WWE a makeover, followed by a beatdown to the two-time former world champion after he called Breeze a "lazy millennial." Fighting words, we know.

It looks like the entire Breeze gimmick was preserved intact for his big-time debut, with his outfit, entrance, music, and trademark selfie stick remaining exactly the same from the Definition of Delish's 40-month stay in NXT.

So what now for Tyler Breeze?

With John Cena reportedly headed for a two-month vacation, we have to wonder what kind of repercussions Tyler Breeze's debut will have on the U.S. Championship scene. The leader of the CeNation is scheduled to defend the prized strap in one of his trademark U.S. Open Challenges at Hell In A Cell, and apart from Dean Ambrose, every currently-relevant (and uninjured) WWE Superstar is already booked into a match on the card. Could pro wrestling's answer to Derek Zoolander be taking the Kevin Owens path to stardom by catapulting himself straight to WWE gold in his first match on the main roster to set off a year-ending feud against the Show-Off?

On the other hand, Summer Rae looks to have finally landed the jackpot, after ill-fated on-screen relationships with Fandango and Rusev. We're curious if the third time around is the charm for her—perhaps locking Tyler Breeze head-on with the man who spurned her for Lana, the Bulgarian Brute, Rusev. What better way for her to salvage her dignity than to steer her new man-meat to some championship gold right after getting dumped by the soon-to-be Mr. Lana?

Either way, we think the first few months of #TeamSummerBreeze will be interesting, to say the least—a U.S. Championship feud with Dolph Ziggler or a lengthy blood feud with Rusev are both much better starts to one's WWE career than the ones Adam Rose or the ill-fated Ascension ever got.

On a scale of 1 to 130958203, how stoked are you guys about the King of Cuteville finally getting his main roster break? Is he headed the same way as Adam Rose, or is he the next Kevin Owens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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