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WWE Injury Report Card (11/3/15): Rusev In, Randy Out

Last week, hot off the reports that Rusev and Lana, the couple people refer to as this generation's Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, are formally engaged, we learned that Rusev suffered a torn bicep—a similar injury to the one that knocked Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan out of action for four months.

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The injury reportedly occurred at a taping for Main Event in a match pairing the Bulgarian Brute against the high-flying Neville, and was initially seen by the referee as severe enough to call off the match. Rusev was supposedly so upset at the decision, he pitched a (kayfabe?) tantrum at ringside against the timekeeper for ringing the bell.

While we were all freaking out over the prospect over one of our sentimental favorites here at the Smark Henry offices getting his momentum derailed, it turns out we needn't have worried after all. is reporting that while Rusev did in fact suffer a bicep injury, it was simply a tear of his bicep tendon, and not the bicep itself. This is a significantly less severe injury that will allow him to return in action in three to four weeks—just in time for Survivor Series!—rather than be out of action until WrestleMania season.

We're glad to hear this news, and hope RuRu uses the time to spend some quality time with his ravishing fiancee, and get himself stoked for a possible Survivor Series team-up with Sheamus and King Barrett as the rumored European Ultras faction.

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In sadder news, it looks like Randy Orton's famously brittle shoulders are giving him more trouble again.

You'll recall how a few weeks back, the Viper was abruptly written out of the Hell in a Cell pre-show match due to an implied attack by the Wyatt Family. As it turns out, it was a shoulder dislocation he incurred at home doing the most manly of chores—taking out the trash. Orton was reportedly in serious pain, with the dislocation taking three hours to reset.

We're still trying to a find footage of Orton yelling STUPID! STUPID! at the garbage bags. is reporting that the injury may actually turn out to be more significant than we thought, potentially ruling out Orton until after WrestleMania.

WWE physician Dr. Steve Daquino reportedly had this to say:

Randy has suffered from a dislocated shoulder. He’s had chronic problems with his shoulder, and a recent MRI that was done found he has a Bankart lesion in his shoulder, some stretched ligaments and a partially torn rotator cuff. 
At this point it’s a matter of when he dislocates the shoulder again, and not if. Surgery seems imminent, and recovery time for such a surgery would be four to six months.

Hoo boy. Up to six months out for the 35-year-old Orton, who suffers from hyper-mobile shoulders that make him predisposed to dislocations of this particular joint. It's the Bankart lesion that concerns us more as an injury where ligaments are torn clean off from the front of the shoulder socket and require intrusive surgical repair.

If Orton does miss WrestleMania, it will end his 12-year run of appearing on the show. And it also means we probably won't get another legendary moment like his pop-up counter of Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp into the most vicious RKO of all time.

From all of us here at the Smark Henry offices, we wish the 12-time former world champion a speedy, uncomplicated recovery from his latest injury.


Are you excited about potentially getting Rusev back in action for Survivor Series? How do you feel about Randy Orton potentially missing his first WrestleMania since WrestleMania 19? Do you think the WWE will ever put faith in him again to carry the company, or was his run as the first unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion his last gasp of glory in the company? Let us know your thoughts below.

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