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And the WWE Universe's Vote for Next Champion Is... currently has a poll running on who fans want to see as new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series, out of the remaining eight quarterfinalists remaining in the tournament.

Most of the dirtsheets were initially reporting that at the 2,000-vote mark, Roman Reigns was leading with a massive 42% of the vote. But it looks like the tides have turned, folks. With over 26,000 votes cast as of 10:00 a.m. Manila time, the Swiss Superman Cesaro is the new front-runner in this poll with nearly 40% of the popular vote. So much for him not connecting, huh?

Cesaro has been on fire lately, regularly tearing down the house with his renewed intensity, and the Cesaro Section seems to be growing in size with each passing show. 

Admit it: This looks damn good. 

We certainly didn't expect Roman Reigns, the WWE's seeming Golden Boy on his renewed push, to be the popular vote, but the gap by which he trails Cesaro is an amazing turnaround from the early returns. In fact, he now slightly trails Dean Ambrose, the smart fan's favorite to win the tournament, by a single percentage point. 

Looking at the brackets though, both Cesaro and Reigns are locked into a second round matchup—the WWE's version of last NBA season's Spurs-Clippers early playoff face-off, perhaps? 

It bears noting however that while the newly-returned Alberto Del Rio, tag team specialist Kalisto, and the aimless Neville were never truly in the conversation to win the tournament, traditional IWC favorite Dolph Ziggler seems to have sunk to their level in terms of popular sentiment, nailing just 4% of the vote—even less than Kalisto. 

We know how you feel, Dolph. 

Could this be a sign of Ziggler's stock collapsing in the eyes of the Internet crowd after an ignoble 2015, or are we all just hard for a first-time champion to he crowned? 

But let's not forget the last time a first-time World Champion was crowned in the tournament finals at Survivor Series, when the Rock turned his back on the fans to screw over Mick Foley and become Vince McMahon's Corporate Champion back in 1998. 

Golly, a Samoan wrestler once rejected by fans turning his back on them to claim the title against a lunatic IWC favorite in a tournament final to join a McMahon-led evil corporate entity? Nope, totally not foreshadowing a Reigns heel turn against Ambrose in the finals...

You can vote on the poll here

What do you think of the WWE Universe's votes, Internet? Do you think the WWE is using this to help gauge fan favor for their booking, or is the Cesaro Section coming home from Survivor Series with a massive case of blue balls? Let us know your thoughts! 

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