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Billy Gunn Fired From the WWE Over PED Use

Hey, Billy Gunn, if you're not down, we've got two words for you:


News reports are running wild over 11-time WWE Tag Team Champion and former King of the Ring winner Billy Gunn getting the axe for testing positive for elevated testosterone levels during a powerlifting competition last July 25, where Gunn was competing. 

Gunn, whose real name is Monty Sopp, reportedly exhibited a testosterone/epitestosterone (T/E) ratio of 37-1 at the event drug testing, nearly ten times higher than the allowable limit of 4-1, and extremely suggestive of using performance-enhancing drugs.

According to Dr. Johnny Benjamin, a noted medical columnist and member of the Association of Boxing Commission's MMA Medical Subcommittee:

T/E ratios are used in performance-enhancing-drug (PED) monitoring because taking an external (exogenous) source of T will not effect the E levels in the blood. E stays the same, but T climbs because of the injection, and the T/E ratio follows suit and climbs.

The WWE was reportedly unaware that Gunn had even been competing as a powerlifter until a few weeks back, only learning of it due to his receiving a four-year ban from the sport. 

This is a similar case to when UFC competitor Alistair Overeem's 2012 suspension from MMA due to an elevated 16-1 T/E ratio. 

Gunn had been serving as a WWE trainer since 2012, mainly working with the NXT roster and had a notable run as a coach in Tough Enough, and was supposedly instrumental in TNA's former Heavyweight Champion James Storm's jump to the WWE.

At the very least, at least Billy Gunn got to have one last WrestleMania moment, making a surprise assist at this year's edition to help Triple H overcome Sting in a WWE-WCW showdown. 

Do you think we've seen the last of Billy Gunn? How do you think his firing will affect NXT? Let us know in the comments! 

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