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#FinisherFriday (11/13/15): Freaky Friday!

Howdy hoo, Henrinites!

Here's another version of Smark Henry's week-ending take on smash-mouth, gut-wrenching, leg-twisting wrestling moves, #FinisherFriday!

Luckily enough, we are spending today's edition of #FF with the infamous Friday the 13th. Yup. That day linked to black cats, hockey masks, and Philippine carmageddon. Interestingly enough, it has also been that kind of Friday with the build up of wrestling news that's been happening lately with the knee-tears heard 'round the world, demonic cult warfare, and potentially premature reigns.

Now if you guys haven't figured out yet, we here at the boiler rooms love our Fridays so much that special freaky Fridays like these, really get us going. And speaking of Freaky Fridays, we thought of re-enacting this popular novel-turned-film(s) famous for the ol' soul switcheroo between mom and daughter from a wrestling standpoint.

In this case, we use a shared move between two wrestlers to bridge a somewhat ironic and strange twist that binds them together. Ready to have your brains shattered? Let's go!

Imagine Big Show doing the Figure Eight


John Cena & Stone Cold Steve Austin with the Stunner

Well, well.

Everyone has made their opinions known about Cena's springboard stunner. Need to be reminded?

No knock on the 15-time world champ, as he's taken the company on his shoulders much like a Texas Rattlesnake has done so in the past, but he has to smooth out his version of arguably the greatest finisher in sports entertainment.

Maybe he needs to take one more to be reminded how to do it.


Dean Ambrose & Mick Foley with the Double Arm DDT

Shades of crazy, reckless abandon are very much painted over these babyfaces. You don't really know what you're getting out of the bag with these unorthodox personalities. All you know is you're gonna have you're face smashed in.

Interestingly, there was a brewing feud between these two prior to Ambrose's WWE debut.


Randy Orton & Diamond Dallas Page with the Cutter

Whether it's for their knack for theatrics or having the right kind of crazies, DDP and Randy Orton love their cutters coming from outta nowhere!

Won't be surprised to see Viper Yoga in the future though.. #callingit


Billy Kidman & Matt Sydal with the Shooting Star Press

Wife-beater, jean shorts and a whole lotta swag versus arm bands and funky style with flash.

If you ask me, not a whole much is different between the two. Especially with not much else who can do the SSP on the regular. A bit high and freaky on this one. #ifkwim


Daniel Bryan & Chris Benoit with the Crossface

Interestingly, too many similarities between these two.

Great technical wrestlers with strong-style strikes and not afraid to bounce around in the ring with death-defying stunts. Both can be said are the best at what they do. And strangely, both being held back by the machine.

Let's hope it ends at that.


Bret Hart and Cesaro? Big Show and Charlotte? Ric Flair and Miz? Let us know if we missed out on anyone and we can do another version of Freaky Fridays. Hit us up in the comments below or on twitter: @imbatlynch and @smarkhenryph


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