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#FinisherFriday (11/20/15): The Final Four

Mabuhay, Henrinites!

It's the end of the week, after a long, tiring, traffic-and-terror filled week in the real world. But get ready, hop aboard, and choose the proverbial seat to Friday-town as we are here yet again to drive you to your weekly escapade. Despite all the rerouting and closed roads, Smark Henry brings you a first-class ticket to the weekly convergence of the prime ministers of pain, sultans of submissions and the chieftains of sleep, with everyone's favorite, #FinisherFridays!

For the past couple of weeks, WWE has been revolving around the doors of exciting and revolting TV with death anniversaries, Ps sticking it to Cs and Bs, and Mex-inderella stories.

Right, Seth?

You know, typical WWE.

But there is nothing bigger than the ultimate tournament for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

16 Superstars. Single match knockoff format. One winner.

And at this time of the year, the crowned champ will figure a whole lot in the E's plans all the way to the grandest stage of 'em all. With an eclectic mix of Superstars, we are now down to our semi-finals in this tournament: Alberto Del Rio taking on Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens versus Dean Ambrose, which will culminate this Sunday at Survivor Series.

Let's give these matchups a quick head to head, based on moveset, ring approach and style, and of course, finishers. Are you ready? Let's go!



WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio versus Roman Reigns

This is a good match up between a methodical, technical wrestling vet against smashmouth, in-your-face, young aggression. Roman will come out all guns roaring as always, but ADR can be the foil for this kind of attack. Since his return, the Mex-American champ has leaned more towards a ruthless attack on his opponents' torsos to set up his top rope double footstomp finisher. The interesting part here though, is he hasn't faced someone of Roman's size just yet to set this up.

Verdict: Roman ooh-aahhs and spears Mex-America like a locomotive OTW to the finals!


WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens versus Dean Ambrose

The trash-talking cannonball taking on the loose-bolted cannon.

The IWCs nominated must-watch match of the PPV is bound to be a slobberknocker with the unorthodox styles of these two Superstars. With Owens rolling around the ring and Ambrose rebounding off from anywhere possible, there seems no plausible way to end this match other than Dirty Deeds. Owens can't roll from that.

Verdict: Ambrose wins by extra Dirty Deeds

Doubt it?


Roman Reigns versus Dean Ambrose

The dream match! The battle between the people and VKM's champs of choice.

Is it time for the Roman Empire to rise? Or is it the Era of the Asylum's time to be let loose?

Three things are known for sure:

1) an amazing Spear spot
2) tired, but still surprising rebound lariat spot and,
3) the turn that everyone has been waiting to happen, will happen...

... Sorry Roman, #Anyonebutyou

Verdict: Ambrose is the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champ through legit Dirty Deeds from the Authoritaah!


Now of course, these are all but whims and pretend-expertise of hot-steam filled brains from boiler room pundits and can only be treated as fantasy booking.

No matter what happens though, this Survivor Series tournament will still be hella awesome And that regardless who comes out the champ, we would still wish it was Cesaro. :)


Note: Times have been rough and tough lately with the world and we here at the Smark Henry boiler rooms offer nothing but the strangely never used Filipino adage (except in pageants) but deeply heartfelt, Mabuhay! Take it for what you get from it, we wish everyone peace and life!


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