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#FinisherFriday (11/27/15): Countdown to Live!

Kumusta, Henrinitos?

It's countdown season once again as the impending holidays with year-end deadlines and cash burning is at hand! Kidding aside, a lot can be desired with the season as it also is a wonderful time to be a Filipino wrestling fan as the only wrestling promotion in the country, Philippine Wrestling Revolution is having another edition of PWR LIVE!

What's not to be excited about? Say goodbye to the campy oven and stiff ring that once were, and say hello to a brand-spanking new venue and wrestling ring! And that's not even mentioning the fact that #MAYAIRCONNA.

Of course, more than anything, PWR Live has a stacked card from top to bottom, as we will bear witness to a showcase of new talents, bitter retribution between former friends, unveiling of an ace-to-be, fancy-haired champions in action, and a new #1 contender to the PWR title. 

Now if that doesn't give a tingle to your bones, maybe this will..

Spine-tingling indeed, Mr. Barrett!

And in true smack-worthy #FinisherFriday fashion, we're giving you your weekly dose of serious reviews mixed with the funnies as we prospect the top finishes for PWR Live that you should be looking out for. Tara na!



As if PWR cannot be any more amazing, we will be seeing the debut of some new faces on the card ready to make some waves. From the self-driven, easy-earning The Network to the enthralling appeal of the love guru, Rederick Mahaba, you can only expect one hell of a presentation (PWR) live show!

One name that is already vaguely familiar is the video-game master himself, Vintendo. From the limited action that we got to see of him in the dark matches of the previous shows, we see that this powerhouse doesn't hold back based on his aptly called version of the chokeslam, the High Score.

And just like the undead demons who use this move, this is a legit power move that not only smashes his opponent but also showcases Vintendo's power game.

One thing's for certain Revo-nation, these challengers will definitely be ready for battle!



A ticket to redemption and revenge versus an opportunity to come up on his own.

As we've seen in their previous bouts, Sebastian-Imabayashi matchups have a knack of being hard-hitting slobberknockers. And with the stakes this high, you know that these two will go all out.

But if there's one thing to expect, the Filipino-Japanese sensation will throw out all the stops to take the Jack of the Royal Flush to the limit. But with John Sebastian gunning for the Killshot, we fear that Imabayashi's revenge will be crushed.

This is a headshot that won't look good on your Facebook.

Interesting to note how the Royal Flush will figure in this match though...



These guys seem to be meant to do this forever.

But Warren vs. Panzer IV is still something to tune in to with Mayhem Brannigan's injury, the presence of the Fighters 4 Hire and the prestigious Philippine Hybrid X title being on the line. With all these looming over this match, you can expect one hell of a battle between two of the most recognizable faces on the PWR roster.

And if there will be one move that will be pivotal in this match, it would be the D-Town native's finisher, the Panzerschreck. Although you cannot discount the Social Media Sinister's certain familiarity with this move, having experienced being on the receiving end of Panzer's boot. 

Boots > Knees

Will Ken Warren connect on his Winning-Finish (Wi-Fi) or will Panzer shock the world by winning the PHX title? 


With that said, we cannot wait for PWR LIVE on November 28th, 2015 at the iAcademy Auditorium! From the opening down to the last bell, it's all about hard-hitting action and first-class entertainment.

Oh, and for SANDATA and Peter Versoza, we hope they can get #ASecondChance...



Photos are from Philippine Wrestling Revolution and their respective wrestler Facebook pages
GIFs from Tumblr

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