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Impact Wrestling Results (11/11/15) - TNA World Title Series, Day 6

Former champs Ethan Carter III and Matt Hardy were in action on Day 6 of the TNA World Title Series.

1. Group Knockouts match: Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne via a cradle pin to earn 3 points

Matt Hardy was interviewed about the World Title Series and reclaiming TNA's top prize.

2. Group Future Four match: Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz via a rope-assisted pin to earn 3 points

3. Group Tag Team Specialists match: Matt Hardy def. Eddie Edwards via the top-rope Twist of Fate to earn 3 points

In the TNA office, Ethan Carter III paid his supposed fine to Dixie Carter, then vowed to win back the TNA World Title.

4. Group X Division match: DJ Z def. Mandrews via the inside cradle to earn 3 points

5. Group Future Four match: Micah def. Crimson to earn 3 points

6. Group Champions match: Ethan Carter III def. Mr. Anderson via a roll-up to earn 3 points


Standings after Day 6:
  • Group Champions: Ethan Carter III (7), Austin Aries (4), Bobby Lashley (3), Mr. Anderson (0)
  • Group Future Four: Eli Drake (4), Micah (4), Jessie Godderz (3), Crimson (0)
  • Group Knockouts: Gail Kim (6), Awesome Kong (3), Brooke Tessmacher (3), Madison Rayne (3)
  • Group Tag Team Specialists: Matt Hardy (9), Robbie E (3), Davey Richards (1), Eddie Edwards (1)
  • Group TNA Originals: James Storm (3), Abyss (3), Bobby Roode (3), Eric Young (3)
  • Group UK: Drew Galloway (6), Rockstar Spud (3), Bram (3), Grado (0)
  • Group Wildcard: Mahabali Shera (6), Aiden O’Shea (3), Kenny King (3), Crazzy Steve (0)
  • Group X Division: DJ Z (6), Manik (6), Tigre Uno (3), Mandrews (0)
Names with strikethrough mean they are mathematically eliminated from the tournament.

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