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Is There A Conspiracy To Dismantle The Royal Flush?

With a week to go until the Philippine Wrestling Revolution returns to action at PWR Live, the storylines are starting to fall into place. But the one that seems to be flying under the radar is the one that could potentially have the biggest impact on the power structure of the promotion: Is PWR General Manager Mr. Sy engineering a conspiracy to dismantle the Royal Flush?

PWR General Mr. Sy could have a plan. 

The Flush, led by reigning PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo, are an elite group of talent that's been running roughshod over the Philippine wrestling scene since last May's Wrevolution X, when Leo outmaneuvered Sy to cash in his promised championship shot against a weary Jake De Leon moments after the Senyorito had outlasted the gritty Bombay Suarez to be crowned the first PWR Champion in history.

Since that night,  the Royal Flush has been manipulating the system like lifelong trapos. First, they secured a one-year restraining order against Leo's nemesis, Mayhem Brannigan. Next, they suckered Suarez into two straight losses to the cocky John Sebastian, using their swarming presence and a surprise return by the massive Main Maxx to steal a win from Bombay in his trademark match, a no-holds-barred contest.

Warning: Main Maxx was here. 

And despite the odds being stacked against Leo as he was forced to defend his prized championship in a Triple Threat match against the monstrous Apocalypse and a furious JDL AT September's PWR Renaissance, the King of the Royal Flush snuck away with his gold once again.

Bryan Leo survives. 

Mr. Sy has to be peeved over the unrelenting dominance of the Royal Flush over PWR, with even a short-lived firing of Bryan Leo failing to put him in his place.  He is a master businessman who has led PWR to great heights ever since he assumed his leadership role in the company, overseeing a vibrant talent developmental program at the PWR Bootcamp, securing media partnerships, and even moving the organization to a bigger and better home for their regular shows. He's a man who demands respect for the success he has helped the organization achieve in a year's time, and will not stand any subordination even from the company's standard-bearer.

Things look like they're coming to a boiling point with Mr. Sy's recent announcement that the third confrontation between the Royal Flush's John Sebastian and the fiery Ralph Imabayashi is now a #1 Contender match, with the winner gaining the right to challenge "Classical" Bryan Leo for the PWR Championship.

This is obviously an opportunity that Imabayashi is dying to secure, but the real intrigue here is over what could possibly happen should Sebastian ease himself into position as #1 Contender for the very same belt that his boss, "Classical" Bryan Leo, currently owns.

The Flush was obviously incensed over this announcement, accusing Mr. Sy of sowing dissent within the stable, and claiming in no uncertain terms that theirs is an unbreakable front, and that if needed, Sebastian would lay down for Leo in a championship challenge.

We wouldn't expect any less from the Classical One; he's a strategic genius himself who enjoys the safety in numbers. The very thought that his loyal lieutenant could turn on him clearly appalls him to his core.

But what about Sebastian?

John Sebastian is a fearsome competitor currently riding a three-match winning streak. He's the #3 wrestler in our very own PWR Power Rankings. And his confidence knows no bounds—his ego is perhaps the only one bigger than Bryan Leo's himself. He's saying all the right things, but is this truly how he feels inside?

Take a look at his face in the video above after learning he could possibly be the top contender for the PWR Championship and tell us: Is this the smile of a man who looks like he'd lay down for his boss?

John Sebastian knows what it's like to have the world served up to him on a silver platter. He's never been shy about putting his own interests first. Mr. Sy knows this, and is potentially lighting a flame of betrayal in Sebastian's mind that could ultimately shatter the Royal Flush.

And Sebastian knows that Mr. Sy has him in a no-win situation. If Imabayashi somehow gets through him—a feat he's accomplished before—and secures #1 Contender status, Bryan Leo will blame him for leaving him in a tight spot against an unpredictable foe. Conversely, if he himself is named top contender for the PWR Championship, he's sure to end up getting blamed for letting his ambitions get in the way of solidarity.

We announced recently as well that the Royal Flush would be crowning its new Ace at PWR Live; perhaps this is an announcement that could breed more disloyalty in Sebastian. His designated rank is that of Jack, but after all he's laid on the line for the sake of "Classical" Bryan Leo's championship, he could be wondering why he isn't the one getting promoted to the Ace post.

Why, after all the grief the Royal Flush has given him, is Mr. Sy allowing this announcement to push through? Is it because it's all part of his master plan to bring down the Royal Flush by shattering it from within? Only Sy has the answers at this point, and our requests for an official statement have gone unanswered as of press time.

What do you think, Revo-nation? Is there a massive conspiracy to destroy the most dominant stable in PWR history by turning egos against each other? Or do you think this is all smoke and mirrors at this point? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll see you at PWR Live on November 28th at the iAcademy Auditorium.


All photos are by the spectacular Hub Pacheco

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