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Just Released: Footage From the WWE Performance Center Shooting

Remember a couple months back when we reported that an obsessed fan named Armando Alejandro Montalvo had been shot and arrested outside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando after a bizarre sequence of events involving trespassing, a supposed infatuation with either former WWE Diva AJ Lee or current NXT trainer Lita, banging on the glass doors demanding to be let in for his supposed "job interview," smearing a mixture of his shit and milk all over the walls of the facility (seriously), and making a move to assault the responding police deputies with a knife?

WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando has just released footage of the incidents immediately preceding the shooting showing Montalvo's deranged antics.

The man is clearly not in a good state of mind, striking Shawn Michaels' trademark muscle-flexing pose and demanding to be signed by the company so he can become "the undisputed best NXT wrestler of all fucking time." There is one frightening moment when he picks up a rock and charges at the deputy, but thankfully the footage does not show the actual shooting itself.

Montalvo is out on bond, and is scheduled to stand trial for the incident in February 2016, according to reports. Acquaintances have described him as "mentally like a child," so we wonder what kind of leniency will be extended to him.

Fair warning: Let's hope nobody takes this as an invitation to bring a bucket of his own shit and trespass at the top-secret PWR Performance Center. We've seen some of the dudes training there, and it will not end well for any loony stalkers.

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