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#WrestlingTwitterBeef: Melissa Joan Hart vs. Kevin Owens

Here's a wrestling feud you'd never, ever expect you'd see: Kevin Owens, WWE Intercontinental Championship and Man of a Thousand Blocks on Twitter (second only to a certain Phil Brooks) versus... Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Actress and '90s icon Melissa Joan Hart, whom most of you didn't know is a big WWE fan until you read this article, is watching RAW tonight. She had this to say about Mr. Owens:

Now, being a current internet darling, you don't say something negative about Kevin Owens and not get away with it, especially if you're as prominent as MJH. Sure enough, the IWC sprung up to defend their favorite wrestler:

And some have agreed with her. (Whether it's because they feel the same way or it's because of who she is is still up in the air.)

While other fans on Twitter understand the fact that she's not trying to bury him in any way.

To her credit, she's clarified her comments, saying that she doesn't think KO is terrible at all; rather, she feels he hasn't been wrestling with excitement lately.

The man himself, always quick with the tweets, has already responded:

And when Kevin Owens says he's gonna block somebody, he does it. He never jokes about that stuff, man!

The incident's happened so fast that Michael Cole has already mentioned it on commentary (the show is still in the middle of its second hour at the time of this writing). If the WWE is smart, though, they'd bring MJH on RAW and milk this for all it's worth. (She is a Hart, after all. She can probably come down with Natalya or something.)

Here's the thing, though—as much as we trust Clarissa to explain things to us, as much as the woman herself is a big wrestling fan, she's being worked. If she thinks Kevin Owens is "lazy" after his series of matches with John Cena, that's exactly what he wants her—and all of his haters—to think. In other words, she's a mark who's getting worked.

Owens is a man who understands heel psychology like very few still do; he is well aware that if he goes out there and wrestles his ass off, people are going to cheer for him. Especially if he's a better wrestler than his opponent. That's not a goal he should be pursuing if he wants to be an effective villain.

What do you think, though? Do you agree with Sabrina? Do you think she's wrong? Let's talk about it!

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