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#MustWatchMonday (11/16/15): Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal

Can a match less than ten minutes long between two not-quite-ripped competitors doing zero top-rope moves, and 90%  of the action comprised of armwringers, chinlocks, knee bars, and headlocks truly be an entertaining spectacle?

When your competitors are William Regal and a Money In The Bank-winning Daniel Bryan performing in Regal's backyard of Liverpool, England, the answer is yes.

Here's a neat little clinic between the two men that aired five years ago on an episode of Superstars, which the WWE billed as a mentor-versus-student battle.

There are a million little things to watch out for:

  • The monster hometown pop the crowd serenaded Regal with as he came out, complete with bowing-down theatrics and a roof-shaking "Regal! Regal!" chant. 
  • The sound guy pranking Regal by splicing his old "Real Man's Man" theme in the middle of his entrance, forcing the normally-stoic Englishman to crack up all the way to the ring, failing to recover his stern facade even as he wiped his boots on the apron and stripped off his robes. 
  • The beautiful arm-and-leg work to start off the match, until Bryan gets feisty with a series of front kicks, a German suplex, and a stuff AF running knee off the apron onto a downed Regal on the outside. 
  • Bryan deviating from his usual armwork to focus on Regal's knee, which the commentators rightfully called out as a strategy to take the feared Knee Trembler out of the equation. Wonderful psychology from a master. 
  • Regal losing his patience and retaliating with a brutal Regalplex that dumped poor Daniel Bryan on his head, making the audience (and us 2015-era fans) gasp with horror. 
  • A fun little dueling European uppercut sequence that had the crowd roaring with approval, until Bryan snaps off a stiff roundhouse kick to the head that just drops Regal like a sack of shit (Ronda says hey), and cinches in with a LaBelle Lock for a satisfyingly-quick tapout. 

So without further ado, here we go. You'll have to skip ahead to the 22:30 mark for this little catch wrestling spectacle (unless you really want to see Curt Hawkins in action), but we promise you it's worth it.

Got any matches you'd like to recommend for next week's #MustWatchMonday? Leave us a suggestion in the comments section below!

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