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People Power (11/25/15): Your Vote For The Royal Flush Ace

The intrigue is building for PWR Live, Revo-nation, especially with news that "Classical" Bryan Leo and his Royal Flush will finally crown its designated Ace to partner with its Jack of All Trades John Sebastian and its Perfect Ten Main Maxx. And so in this week's column, we're here to share with you the results of fan speculation as to who the mystery man will turn out to be.

It seems like the Flush has been on a recruiting tour like no other over the past few days, with various PWR talents posting photos documenting meet-ups and missives sent by the crew of First Worlders.

Peter Versoza, who's locked in for an explosive contest with his former Dual Shock partner SANDATA, was the one of the first to drop a hint as to the Royal Flush's intentions.

Ace? Next PHXC? Or both?-Nov 28, 7pm, iAcademy H.V. Dela Costa
Posted by Peter Versoza - PWR on Saturday, 21 November 2015

Reigning PHX Champion Ken Warren seems to have received feelers from the Royal Flush as well, posting this cryptic photo of himself sporting their official shirt on his personal Facebook page.

Even newcomer Vintendo seems to be on Leo's radar, claiming to have had a conversation with him regarding a possible "opportunity at greatness," which the 8-bit Superstar seems to seriously be considering.

So I crossed paths with Classical Bryan Leo and John Sebastian of the Royal Flush this past weekend, and they talked to...
Posted by Vintendo - PWR on Monday, 23 November 2015

But it's the fan-favorite heartthrob from the Motor City, Chris Panzer, that seems to be generating the most interest, posting a photo of a seemingly random encounter with the King of the Royal Flush late last week.

Bumped into the King of the Royal Flush earlier. Interesting conversation we had, but I gotta focus on beating your friend Ken for the title. Cheers buddy! Classical Bryan Leo - PWR
Posted by Chris Panzer - PWR on Friday, 20 November 2015

This was followed by a more recent posting of a hand-written note accompanying a Royal Flush shirt, suggesting there may have been more to their initial conversation than meets the eye.

Whether this is all just a smokescreen by Leo's crew or a sincere desire for the D-Town Fight Machine to join their ranks is unclear to us. What we do know for sure is who you, the Smark Henry faithful, believe is going to be crowned as Ace this Saturday, based on your response to our recent survey.

Here's how the voting turned out.

With nearly one-fourth of the popular vote, it looks like the notorious party boy Peter Versoza is the hot favorite to be joining the Royal Flush at PWR Live, with Ken Warren and Chris Panzer (who incidentally will be clashing for Warren's PHX Championship that same evening) in close pursuit.

Versoza would certainly be an interesting choice as the Royal Flush Ace, with his mean streak a perfect complement to the arrogant ways of the Flush, and his all-around skills potentially adding a new dimension to the ways the Flush can hurt its foes.

And with a 0-5 win-loss record thus far, Versoza is certainly in need of a fresh start. Could the mentorship of Bryan Leo revitalize his career the way it did for John Sebastian?

We'll see you all at PWR Live, Henrinites, for the much-awaited reveal.

Don't forget, tickets are now available at either the Appraisery in Cubao or iAcademy in Makati, with prices starting at P300 for general admission.
For those unsure how to get there, here's a quick guide on how to commute, walk, or drive to the event venue this weekend.

You can get more information about PWR Live on the official Facebook event page here.

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