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The Philippine Wresting Revolution (PWR) has announced a new venue for PWR Live. That's right, Revo-nation. For the first time, PWR will be mounting a show outside the sweltering, slightly seedy dibidi-boss-dibidi confines of Makati Cinema Square.

1. So where is PWR Live happening?

PWR Live will be happening this November 28th, Saturday, at the iAcademy Auditorium located at the following address:

iAcademy Auditorium
iAcademy Plaza
324 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue
Makati, Philippines

Here's the venue map.

If you'd like to save the Google Maps link on your smartphone, you can get it here.

The building is primarily accessible from H.V. Dela Costa Street, and is distinctive for its sloping glass facade.

Photo from the Victory Makati website.

2. OK na kami sa MCS eh. Bakit kailangan pang maglipat ng venue?

Three words: May aircon na.

No, but real talk, we reached out to PWR General Manager Mr. Sy to get a statement on the change in venue, and he had this exclusive statement to deliver:

It's time for a change and to move forward. This new venue symbolizes another renaissance for PWR.

3. OK fine. May point. I'm bringing a car. Where do I park?

First things first: To get to iAcademy from EDSA-Ayala, turn right onto Ayala Avenue, then keep going straight past Makati Avenue, Paseo De Roxas, and Rufino until you get to H.V. Dela Costa—your landmarks here are Makati Medical Center on your left, and GT Tower on your right.

Take a right, then keep going past the stoplight where you'll see McDonald's Valero. iAcademy is a few hundred meters down.

Street parking is available along Lakandula Street and Tordesillas Street. Parking is free from 7:00 p.m. onwards, so if you're early for the show—and considering how packed the last few PWR shows have been, you damn well better be—you may have to pay P40 to the street parking aide.

Warning: Vehicles parked more than 3 hours may be towed.

You can choose to park at RCBC Plaza instead, which is a brisk ten-minute walk away from iAcademy, but has the advantage of being indoors and secure.

4. How do I commute to iAcademy?

We've done the Googling for you, fellow Henrinites, and there are two primary ways to get to iAcademy, courtesy of our friends from Victory Makati.

From EDSA-Ayala
  1. Walk to the jeep terminal at the back of Shell Ayala.
  2. Ride one of the jeeps with "Ayala-Washington” route.
  3. Go down at RCBC Plaza.
  4. Walk towards H.V. Dela Costa Street. Facing RCBC Plaza, H.V. Dela Costa Street. will be on your right. Turn left at H.V. Dela Costa Street. 
  5. Walk along H.V. Dela Costa Street. You’ll find iAcademy Plaza on your left.

From EDSA-Gil Puyat

  1. Walk to the jeep terminal at the side of Shell Gil Puyat.
  2. Ride one of the jeeps with "Bel-Air to Washington" route.
  3. Go down at Malugay Street.
  4. Cross to the other side of Gil Puyat and enter Tordesillas Street.
  5. Turn right at H.V. Dela Costa Street.
  6. iAcademy Plaza will be on your right.

For more questions, please refer to the official Facebook event page here.

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