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Seth Rollins: More Balls Than Brains?

They say sometimes you need guts more than smarts to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and it looks like Seth Rollins is poster boy for that philosophy.

Live reports of his devastating injury say that even after blowing up practically every ligament in his knee, Rollins still proceeded to powerbomb Kane through the table on a single leg, followed by perhaps the most unwise decision of the night: delivering a Pedigree to end the match.

You can see Seth recoil with the pain in his injured leg after planting Kane with his finisher. We're not medical experts, but we don't think it's a generally-accepted best practice to do moves that involve landing on an injured body part immediately after you incur that same injury. Especially in a low-stakes match like at a house show.

Do you think Seth Rollins deserves applause for gutting it out with a Pedigree, or do you think it was plain dumb? Let us know your thoughts below, and let's continue to send good vibes to the now-former champion.

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