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SmackDown Rundown (11/5/15): Dominance and Rivalries Ahead

When I say ‘Smack’, you say ‘Down!’ Welcome to another edition of SmackDown RunDown. Another Thursday night came and went, which means we’re here to review another episode of the Blue Brand. They have been on a roll lately with solid shows week after week. Did this episode stop their momentum? Let’s get to it and find out!

The Midcard Champs Found Themselves Some Challengers

Dean Ambrose eliminated the Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match last Monday on RAW. This week, Owens got the chance to avenge his loss in the main event. Hey, it’s not a tag match, but I’ll have Ambrose-Owens any day because these two worked their asses off in their first encounter. This match would have been an instant classic if it didn’t have a screwy finish, but if this will set up their rivalry, then I’ll let it slide. I didn’t expect a back-and-forth, action-packed battle on a Thursday night and I’m glad I stayed. Ambrose now has someone to play with.

Timber! Timber! TIMBER!
Meanwhile, in Mex-America, Alberto del Rio found himself a tough opponent in Neville. ADR still got the win though, but with Neville on the opposite side, you know it wouldn’t be that easy. The Mex-American Champion beat up the fallen highflyer, but Jack Swagger came down for the save. I’m still not hooked on this new ADR gimmick, but if it means Jack Swagger is now on the hunt for the star-spangled belt, then you have my attention because I like Swagger and he hasn’t been used meaningfully in a long while. I almost thought they’ll have Neville gun for the title. Man, Creative really has nothing for him, huh? I guess WWE really forgot about him.

Remember when Swagger was heel and ADR was face?
The Wyatt Domination Continues

The Blue Brand had their own version of a Survivor Series elimination match, this time featuring the Wyatt Family against the Prime Time Players and the Lucha Dragons. I’m pretty sure no one ever believed these four men could somehow defeat the red-hot Wyatts but this wasn’t a squash match, either. It’s weird to see the number one contenders be fed to the Eater of Worlds, but this match has to have some gravitas, right? After all, by adding a team like the Lucha Dragons instead of say, Los Matadores, they were able to give the Wyatts two quality teams to beat. Therefore, this match was certainly not a squash match. Besides, it’s not like they were easily dumped or anything. The Luchas and the Primetimes fought valiantly. It’s interesting to see who will team up with the Brothers of Destruction to face the Wyatts come Survivor Series. But until then, the new Ministry is bound to rule WWE.

GG, Kalisto. GG indeed.

The Usos Get a Proper Welcome

Welcome back, Usos! The tag team division is definitely on fire now that the Rikishi Juniors are back. This week, they faced the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions (just a reminder, I’m pretty sure you already forgot), the Ascension/Cosmic Wasteland. The ever-so-fun twins sent the cosmic duo packing. We may not have the Young Bucks, but we have the Usos, you guys.

Double superkicks are a thing of beauty.
Natalya Steals One from Team BAD

Is it me or is Natalya the catalyst who will end the Diva triad revolution? I mean, she broke PCB up with her involvement, and with Nikki Bella on the shelf, Team Bella will probably dissolve in the coming weeks. Now she’s set to break up Team BAD by creating friction between its members. This week was a preview when Sasha Banks was named the leader of the group, while Naomi and Tamina were obviously not on board. With Natalya’s win over Tamina this week, the friction might just trigger the end of the Divas revolution. We can only hope.

Natalya might as well start a brand new Divas revolution.

Ryback Defeated King Barrett

It’s sad to see King Barrett job to Ryback, but it happened. So yeah, good for you, Big Guy.

Here’s to you, King Barrett.

SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: Survivor Series is in the air and this week’s episode caught the fever. Rivalries are boiling up and dominance is being established. SmackDown isn’t showing any signs of slowing down with another home run of an episode. I’ll give this one another solid A.


  • Unpopular Opinion: I actually miss John Cena. I miss the open challenges and the matches. I hope the next U.S. champion will continue what Cena started.
  • I also miss the Stardust Section. Cody didn’t save a seat tonight?
  • Kalisto has been getting more airtime. He’s preparing to continue what Mysterio started. I love it.
  • Rollins being injured is indeed devastating, but this means WWE will get a chance to shake things up again. I wonder who’s gonna end up on top?

Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown? Where is Cesaro? Were you expecting New Day to bring positivity? Let me know in the comments below. Asta la vista, muchachos!  

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