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Smark Survey (11/26/15): The Greatest Masks in Pro Wrestling History

There's no denying how wicked cool a masked wrestler looks. Whether he's a high-flying luchadore who looks like he fell right out of a comic book, or a 300-pound monster shat out by the bowels of hell, a mask goes a long way towards lending him a flair and mystique a naked face alone couldn't achieve.

We've seen a million awesome masks throughout the many decades of professional wrestling, but for this week's survey, we'd like to hear your opinion on one thing:

Which masks are the greatest in all of professional wrestling history?

We've come a long way since a masked marvel known as—shockingly!—"The Masked Marvel" made history as the first North American wrestler to use a mask as his ring gear.

We've seen the anime-inspired stylings of such Japanese legends as Jushin Thunder Liger and Tiger Mask, to name some early pop culture hits.

The masks of Rey Mysterio are perhaps the most famous among today's modern wrestling fan; if you asked one to draw a wrestling mask from memory, you'd probably end up with one very similar to that of the San Diego-bred former multi-time world champion.

Drago of Lucha Underground fame takes the artistry of Rey Mysterio's masks to a higher level, with the distinctive mottling and three-dimensional moulding of his many masks making him look closer to a Jurassic World genetic experiment gone wrong than a pro wrestler.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Mick Foley's famous Hannibal Lecter-inspired leather mask that has you believing even before you see him in action that he's a crazed lunatic who knows no sanity when it comes to destroying his opponent—or his very own body.

On the more cartoonish side of things, you have Big Van Vader's legendary mastodon helmet gifted to him by puro icon Antonio Inoki, which didn't just make him look like a murderous beast from a robotic future, it shot freaking steam from its exhaust vents.

Or perhaps you may even prefer the many visages of Kane, whose iconic masks of blood-red leather have given us progressively darker looks at what it means to be the Devil's Favorite Demon.

This is just a small sampling of the many kinds of masks found in the cartoon world of pro wrestling, and we're sure you have your own sentimental favorites.

As always, leave us your top five votes for the greatest masks of all time in the comments section in no particular ranking, and we'll write up the results in a succeeding column. The order of your votes doesn't count in the final tally, so just list away, young Henrinites!

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