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The Complete WWE Injured List (11/23/15)

Looks like even all the CrossFit in the world and the support of the Cesaro Section isn't enough to keep injury away. With today's panic-inducing news that Cesaro has a torn rotator cuff that will require surgery soon, we're seeing yet another IWC darling fall to the sidelines.

This is a particularly excruciating injury to hear of, with Cesaro building some red-hot momentum as of late, topping a recent survey on who the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion should be, and looking to be on his way to grabbing the proverbial brass ring.

This is the fifth major shoulder-related injury reported this year, putting the Swiss Superman in league with Randy Orton, Hideo Itami, Goldust, and Sami Zayn—a lineup that would be one bad-ass Survivor Series team, if you ask us.

Here's a complete list of the WWE's injured Superstars as of November 23 in Manila.


Alex Riley

Injured his knee in May. No official timetable for recovery.

Projected date of return: None available


Big Cass

Suffered a sprained medial cruciate ligament and a bone bruise in his left knee in October. Anticipated recovery time is between four to six weeks.

Projected date of return: December 2015



Torn rotator cuff reported in late November. Surgery pending, but if taken would need between four to six months of recovery time. 

Projected date of return: May 2016


Daniel Bryan

Inactive due to concussion-related concerns in April. Still awaiting medical clearance from WWE physicians.

Projected date of return: None available


Hideo Itami

Injured his shoulder in May. Projected timetable for recovery supposedly set between six to eight months.

Projected date of return: January 2016



Fractured her wrist in September, with an expected recovery timetable of four months.

Projected date of return: January 2016


Nikki Bella

Suffering from bulging discs in her back and neck. No official timetable for recovery.

Projected date of return: None available


Randy Orton

Dislocated his shoulder in October and suffered tendon tears. Reported downtime after surgery is between four to six months.

Projected date of return: April 2016



Suffered a ruptured bicep tendon in October. Rehabilitation and recovery believed to be at three to four weeks.

Projected date of return: November 2015


Sami Zayn

Injured his shoulder in May. Supposed recovery time between six to eight months.

Projected date of return: January 2016


Seth Rollins

Tore his anterior and medial cruciate ligaments and his meniscus. Estimated recovery time established at anywhere between six to nine months.

Projected date of return: August 2016



Injured his neck in September and suffering from cervical stenosis. No official announcement has been made on his recovery time.

Projected date of return: None available.


Tyson Kidd

Suffered a spinal cord injury in June deemed to be career-threatening. Indefinite recovery time.

Projected date of return: None available.


All told, that's a combined 26 world championship reigns and a huge slew of secondary gold sitting on the injured reserve. It's never fun seeing Superstars go down, especially with the Road to WrestleMania starting up a again in two months.

Running injury tally: Four busted shoulders, three wonky knees, three neck/spine concerns, one injured bicep, a fractured wrist, and one nagging concussion. So much for wrestling being fake, huh?

Graphic from Botchamania.

What do you think of this year-long run of injuries? Do you think the WWE is pushing their talents too hard, or is this just an unbelievably bad string of bad luck? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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