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The Grapevine (11/24/15): How It All Went Down

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, where we round up the (technically unconfirmed) rumors from the wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

There were no really good rumors before Survivor Series, which set the wrestling world on fire yesterday:

  • Apparently, the decision to have Sheamus cash in on Roman Reigns was made a few hours before the show. Officials were still debating what to do with it as late as Sunday afternoon. While they still want Roman to be World Heavyweight Champion, it seems the thinking was that they didn't want him to win it to boos. Roman will most likely continue in his rebuilding phase. (Source: F4WOnline)

We say: This exposes another major flaw in the WWE's machinery—not only can't they seem to think of the future, but they now also can't stick with a major decision. These fears would have been allayed if only Roman and Dean were given enough time to work the stellar match they were supposed to. Now they find themselves having played safe to disastrous results, and from the sound of it, people aren't going to stick around this time to find out how they're going to dig themselves out of this hole.

  • Cesaro was not backstage at Survivor Series and RAW tonight. As reported previously, he suffered a shoulder injury possibly at last Monday's episode of RAW. By the time you read this, he's finished with his surgery and will be out 4-6 months. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE)

We say: The saddest part about all this is that he worked so hard lately just to meander around the upper midcard, waiting for Vince to throw him a bone. Get well soon, Cesaro; RAW just got a little more dimmer without you.

  • Darren Young is going through some personal issues right now. That explains why his partner Titus O'Neil has been working singles lately. He tweeted the following yesterday:

We say: We hope it has nothing to do with his sexuality. We wish Darren all the best; we never want to see anyone have a tough time.

What did you think of Survivor Series and its ending? Watch out for Stan's review coming out in just a while!

Photo from WWE

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