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The Randy Orton Injury Report Card

Randy Orton has been out with a separated shoulder and tendon tears since October, which has all of us Viper fans in a tizzy—there are days when it seems like #LOLOrtonHurt would be a more appropriate hashtag for the 12-time former world champion than his notorious #FromOuttaNowhere meme.

Despite this latest setback to Orton's famously brittle shoulders, we were all holding out hope that he'd be back by WrestleMania season after roughly six months' worth of rehabilitation time.

But today, we're hearing disastrous reports that apart from his fifth shoulder-related injury, the Apex Predator may be needing either some clean-up work on bone chips just discovered in his neck (the best case scenario) or possible neck fusion surgery—the same procedure that cut short the careers of WWE Hall of Famers "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Edge (obviously the worst case scenario).

That got us thinking: It's been thirteen years since Orton made his debut in the WWE as a fiery young babyface, and since then, he can't seem to go more than two years before incurring an injury of some sort.

And so we've assembled a quick infographic charting every reported significant injury suffered by the Viper throughout the course of his WWE career.

Including a kayfabe ankle injury and two separate 60-day suspensions for violations of WWE's Wellness Policy, Orton has missed just about two years worth of in-ring action spread over 11 separate incidents.

That's a lot of downtime for a man once christened "The Face of the WWE." Comparatively, a Superstar like John Cena has suffered just seven major injuries throughout his career, missing just under a year of action—a massive feat considering his injuries include a herniated neck and a complete pec tear.

To be fair, Orton has been a total workhorse for the WWE on the times he's been available for competition, wrestling 1,037 matches since 2002, according to our friends at the Internet Wrestling Database. We don't care who you are; that's a lot of mileage for anybody.

Keep fighting, Randy. We're pulling for you.

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