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#ThemeSongTuesdays (11/3/15): Hello, Ladies

We'd like to introduce our newest writer, Lorenzo Magnaye, who will be taking over our #ThemeSongTuesday column moving forward! Renzo joins our passionate team of Filipino smarks as he talks about our favorite entrance themes from the current generation or from the distant and not-so-distant past. Watch out for Renzo's reviews every Tuesday here on Smark Henry!

Back in the Attitude Era, we saw some of the craziest (and sometimes downright illegal) things happen in the WWF. From Triple H kayfabe kidnapping, drugging, and then marrying Stephanie McMahon, to the actual owner of the company, Vince McMahon, threatening the Undertaker’s wife with biker gang rape (which actually happened). So when you think about Sean Morley and the “porn star” persona he was given when he debuted on RAW in 1998, his gimmick could still be considered tame.

This week on #ThemeSongTuesday, we take a look at Val Peni—uh, excuse me. Val Venis. In terms of character wrestlers, he was as simple as it got: He had muscles. He kayfabe did porn. He kayfabe slept with other wrestlers’ wives to start rivalries. He was sex. Sex. Sex. Sex.

Now don’t get us wrongthere have been more than a handful of wrestlers who’ve had downright jaw-dropping entrances, but none can match the simplicity of Val Venis’.

When you hear that porn-iest of porn saxophone licks followed by the ever creepy “Hello, Ladies” hook, you know who’s coming. You know you’ll be seeing that buff Canadian strut down the ramp, then once he’s in the ring, feel himself up like he’s on his third tab of ecstasy. Simple and straight to the point: Sex.

He went on to have a few more gimmick changes, including being Eric Bischoff’s “enforcer”, going by his real name, Sean Morley. Despite the fact that he now looks like an out-of-shape Tito more than a James Deen, he still remains as one of the staple characters of The Attitude Era.



Got a current wrestler's theme song you'd like Renzo to review? Is there an oldie but goodie that you'd like us to feature in this space? Let us know in the comments section below!

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