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#WTFWednesday (11/25/16): WTF 2K16

WWE 2K16 has been out for around a month now, which means that enough time has passed for people to play and get a solid feel for this year's iteration. Whether you're a fan or not, one of the best things about this franchise is the large degree of customization it allows. You can create wrestlers, championship belts, stadiums, entrances, storylines — pretty much everything has been covered at this point.

So what happens when you give some smarks a highly customizable game (that botches as much as Sin Cara), shitloads of time, and boundless creativity? Well, this, for one:


Enough time has passed for us people to have some fun and mess around with this game, and we've gathered some of the best here. For instance, over on r/squaredcircle, someone came up with this, uh, fun idea:

It is, literally, all about the Game.

With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship being customizable these days, there's a legitimate claim to this being very similar to what Triple H would go with were he actually to win the belt. Or not. Even WWE themselves have been messing around with the game, as evidenced by the amount of mashup entrances they've been posting:


Or this:

They missed a real opportunity with this one for Survivor Series, I'd say. 

Of course, what's a video game without glitches? It turns out that WWE 2K16 has some rather interesting ones:

Hey, we know Finn Balor's got some sort of deal with the devil going on, but that' just insane. These are the kind of stunts that would make Angelico from Lucha Underground look tame.

Lastly, no WWE-related post is complete without the franchise player, so here's a video with, uh, John See-Ya:


Got any fun moments from WWE 2K16 to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover photo/New Bray photo taken from WhatCulture.

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