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Thursday Night Tanders (12/31/15): The Dos and Don'ts of Stable Booking (Part 2 of 2)

First of all, the Throwback Tito would like to apologize for the long delay in between articles. Work, then the Christmas holidays made it hard for me to watch enough wrestling, let alone write a Thursday Night Tanders article. But I’d also like to end the year right by closing out my two-part series on the best and worst of stable booking in the WWE.

[Click here for Part One]

As promised, we’ll be going back to the WWF’s Attitude Era for this next set of do’s and don’ts, and as you all know, the Attitude Era was all about controversial angles, promos, and storylines. Controversy aided the success of many wrestlers of the era, including, but not limited to Val Venis and The Godfather. Conversely, it did no favors to the likes of Beaver Cleavage (Headbanger Mosh/Chaz) and Meat (Shawn Stasiak). And over in the stable scene, controversy was also a hit-or-miss proposition, as you’ll find out in this week’s edition of Thursday Night Tanders.


The Smark Henry RAW Report (12/28/15): Will the Real Superman Please Stand Up?

The biggest question on everyone’s minds concerning John Cena’s return was how he’d fit into the grand scheme of things now that Roman Reigns is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Roman’s still being groomed to be the #1 babyface even after John Cena moves on, and at this point, he’s far from a finished product. But with Cena back in the picture, will Jearn once again be the Super Cena that triumphs over all the baddies? Or will Roman Reigns assume that role, requiring Cena to take some sort of step back?

We got our answer this week during the main event when John Cena’s United States Championship match against Alberto Del Rio ended in a disqualification thanks to some interference from the League of Nations. John Cena was being decimated by Del Rio, Sheamus, and Rusev, and left in a heap when the Usos suddenly came out to Cena’s aid. Outnumbered, the twins got their asses handed to them until Roman Reigns heroically showed up and systematically dispatched of the League of Nations.


Social Media Roundup (12/31/15): PWR Stars Reflect on 2015

The various stars of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) are taking to social media to reflect on the spectacular year that 2015 was for local wrestling, and we're rounding up the most meaningful, entertaining, and interesting ones for all you fans of Pinoy pro wrestling.

This is the PWR roster at its most authentic and heart-felt, so if you like what you're reading, pop on over to their personal Facebook pages and give them a virtual hug.

Let's get cooking.

Ralph Imabayashi is still clearly riding an emotional high nearly two weeks after he dethroned "Classical" Bryan Leo for the PWR Championship. But really, after everything he's fought through, who can blame him?

Well there's that the closing image of PWR for 2015 . It was a roller coaster of a year for me going back on forth on my...
Posted by Ralph Imabayashi - PWR on Wednesday, 30 December 2015

"Classical" Bryan Leo has been silent the past week, but he's clearly in #hugot mode …

Basic Smarkometrics: The Year-End PWR Power Rankings (#1 to #10)

What's good, Revo-Nation? Welcome back to Part 2 of our year-end PWR Power Rankings, where we figure out how each wrestler did in 2015 using the power of #MATH! Yesterday, we counted down the bottom half of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's roster of talents, and to keep you filthy animals funky-fresh and up-to-date, here's how the #11 to #19 spots played out.

19. Rederick Mahaba
18. Vintendo
17. James "Idol" Martinez
16. Joey Bax
15. Main Maxx
14. Miguel Rosales
13. Mark D. Manalo
12. Kanto Terror

[Click here to read the full analysis on Part 1 of the PWR Power Rankings]

Now it's time to measure up how the big boys stand as we count down the top ten performers for the year using our all-new proprietary Smarkometrics 2.0 ranking system.

How Smarkometrics 2.0 Works

As we detailed in Part 1, to climb to the top of our PWR Power Rankings, a wrestler needs to demonstrate all-around excellence in four key areas:

We add up performance across all the…

31 Days of Wrestling (12/31/15): Ralph Imabayashi Wins the PWR Championship

Here we are. Day 31 of our 31 Days of Wrestling. Throughout the course of the month, we here at Smark Henry have been looking back at matches that not only have defined 2015, but have reminded us of why we’ve stayed invested in this (often ridiculous) form of storytelling/sport for as long as we have.

After looking back at everything from New Japan Pro Wrestling (#16: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura), WWE (#27: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins) + NXT (#3: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley), ROH (#9: Jay Briscoe vs. Jay Lethal), and the eccentric indie-favorite Lucha Underground (#15: Pentagon, Jr. vs. Vampiro), let’s end this year by looking back no further than two weeks ago at the iAcademy Auditorium—and by extension, looking at the future of Philippine professional wrestling.

#31: Ralph Imabayashi vs. “Classical” Bryan Leo (c) for the PWR Championship at PWR: Terminus

And here we thought moving from the ever-sold out Makati Cinema Square to the more intimate (AND AIRCONDITIONED!) iAcademy A…