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31 Days of Wrestling (12/6/15): Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma, All Night Long

Happy weekend, Henrinites, and welcome back to 31 Days of Wrestling!

A couple of days ago, we had our first Lucha Underground entry for this special feature (you can read it here if you haven't heard of the promotion before). Today's entry takes us back to the Temple in Boyle Heights, California, where we take a look at another highlight from Lucha Underground's first year.

#5: Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma in an #AllNightLong Match for the Lucha Underground Championship on the June 17, 2015 episode of Lucha Underground

This is a match between arguably two of Lucha Underground's most consistent performers. Most of you know Johnny Mundo from his previous WWE run under the name John Morrison, and he spent most of the year as one of Lucha Underground's main attractions. His flashy, flippy in-ring style was complimented by a slower, more methodical

If you haven't heard of the name Prince Puma before, it's because he was created exclusively for this show. Beneath the mask, he's actually a very popular wrestler named Ricochet, who has toured numerous promotions around the world and is frequently regarded as one of the best on the indy circuit today. He's also the inaugural Lucha Underground Champion, having won the title in the first-ever Aztec Warfare match.

The match was made official after Mundo went through numerous foes to claim the contendership, including the likes of Alberto El Patron and Hernandez. After beating them all, he was given the title match by Dario Cueto. It wasn't just any normal title match, however. As Lucha Underground did for most of its maiden season, it challenged the norm — this match was going to be all night long.

Yes, you read that right — Lucha Underground aired a match that took up an entire episode. For one hour (okay, 45 minutes due to the commercials), Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma went at it in an ironman-style match for the Lucha Underground Championship. It was a brilliant piece of storytelling, playing up just how important the title is for Lucha Underground. In a show that took a lot of creative liberties (hey, they had dragons!), they still found a way to make traditional things such as title belts matter.

The match itself was exemplary, as is the case with most of Lucha Underground's big matches. We'll let you watch it above rather than talk about it, but we're sure you'll find it a great way to spend an hour. In the end, thanks to some assistance from Alberto El Patron, Prince Puma was able to retain the championship with a thrilling last-minute pin to win the match 5-4.

Photos from Lucha Underground.

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