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31 Days of Wrestling (12/7/15): Jake De Leon vs. Bombay Suarez for the PWR Championship

Welcome, Henrinites, to Day 7 of our 31 Days of Wrestling series—our year-end celebration of the matches from all over the pro wrestling world that best shaped and defined 2015 in our hearts and minds as the wrestling fandom.

#7: Jake de Leon vs. Bombay Suarez for the PWR Championship, PWR Wrevolution X

In today's edition, we'll be talking about what some fans have called the greatest pure professional wrestling match in Philippine history: the Finals at Wrevolution X to crown the first-ever Champion of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, or PWR.

Wrevolution X was the fledgling company's biggest show of the year, even though it had not been a year old yet. Up until that point, they had only put on three shows in the gritty Makati Square Arena, and crowning a legitimate champion would go a long way into making the competition and the company the real deal. The company decided to hold a small tournament in the previous show, Vendetta, to determine who would face off to become the first PWR Champion.

On one corner, we had the "Heart and Soul of PWR," Bombay Suarez, who nearly all of the the PWR locker room look up to as their mentor, guiding light, and very foundation of pro wrestling in the Philippines. On the other, we had the crowd-favorite "Senyorito" Jake De Leon, the hard-fighting son of a haciendero fuelled by his philosophy of "Minimum Wage, Maximum Rage" to claw his way to the top of the wrestling scene.

This was a hotly-anticipated match-up, with both Suarez and De Leon undefeated up until that point after dispatching of "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren and Chris Panzer in the PWR Championship semifinals respectively. While their respective fortunes may have turned in the latter half of 2015, with both men combining for a collective 0-7 win-loss record since this match, at this one point in time, they were truly the two finest competitors PWR had to offer.

When competitors of mismatched styles clash, it tends to get bowling shoe-ugly, to borrow a term from the legendary Jim Ross. But on this night, both men were running at their finest, and merged their talents to present a harmonious ballet of wrestling talent.

Bombay Suarez was at his street-honed smashmouth finest, attempting to land his feared Kick of the Day enzigiri early on while bombarding JDL with his lethal kicks and legdrops

JDL, conversely, demonstrated a magnificent scientific gameplan, dazzling Bombay with his soaring Payroll senton, springing splashes, and even cartwheeling his way out of a hiptoss that had the PWR faithful chanting "This is awesome."

At the end, a desperate Bombay's attempt to shortcut his way to a win with a spray of red mist into the Senyorito's eyes went to naught, as JDL overcame an inadvertent superkick to referee Matt Roxas to snatch "The Bitchkiller" up in his trademark thunderous Alipin Drop and emerge as the first ever PWR Champion.

Just like Roman Reigns, however, JDL's elation would be very, very short-lived. "Classical" Bryan Leo, who earlier in the night won a shot at the PWR Championship that he could cash anywhere and any time he wanted, would come out and challenge the inaugural champion to a title match. Being the fresher man, Leo would defeat JDL to go on to become the second-ever PWR Champion, and no challenger has been able to dethrone him since. (Ralph Imabayashi will be the next one to try, however, at PWR Terminus in a couple of weeks.)

In hindsight, having a detestable heel champion in "Classical" Bryan Leo seems to be better for the young wrestling company. Babyfaces chasing the championship and looking for a way to knock the smug First Worlder down a peg or two has proven to be a more compelling angle than for a babyface champion to take on all comers. On this end, PWR looks to sustain its momentum as it develops new blood for the future.


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