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31 Days of Wrestling (12/9/15): Briscoe vs. Lethal, Best in the World

Welcome back to 31 Days of Wrestling, Henrinites—our year-end celebration of the matches from all over the pro wrestling world that best shaped and defined 2015 in our hearts and minds as the wrestling fandom. Today we take our first dip into a Ring of Honor match from this year!

Midway through the year, Ring of Honor held its live event called Best in the World. That's a big name to call one of your pay-per-views, but it had the perfect reason to do so as it featured a very special match headlining the show.

Photo taken from Daily DDT.

In one corner, you had the reigning ROH World Champion, Jay Briscoe. Initially coming into ROH as a tag team wrestler, Briscoe was able to establish himself as one of the company's best singles stars. Heading into Best of the World, Briscoe's championship reign stood at an impressive 9 months, having defended the belt against powerhouse names such as Samoa Joe, Adam Cole, Michael Elgin and many more. Briscoe was the top dog in ROH, and for long time nobody looked capable of touching him in the ring. Heck, nobody had even managed to pin him in almost 2 years.

In the other corner, you had the reigning ROH Television Champion, Jay Lethal. At that point, Lethal held the record for the longest Television Championship reign in ROH history. The Greatest First Generation Wrestler took on all comers, and continuously proved his excellence in the ring as he fended all of them off. Huge names such as Alberto El Patron, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, KUSHIDA and Matt Sydal all tried to take the belt away from Lethal, but all of them failed. His consistent excellence propelled him to the top of the card in ROH, and he began to regard his Television title as the true title in Ring of Honor.

Two champions, two legitimate claims to be the best. You see where this is going, right?

As expected, the match itself had all the makings of a big fight. Both men had their families to back them up (Jay with the Briscoes, Lethal with the House of Truth), but the shenanigans were put on hold for one night. After more than 20 minutes of stiff lariats and trading submission holds, Lethal was able to hit Briscoe with a Jay Driller into his own finisher, the Lethal Injection, for the pin and the two belts. It was a huge exclamation point for Lethal's career, as not only was he able to attain the title of dual champion, he also became the first person to successfully pin Jay Briscoe in over two years.

While 2015 has been a mixed bag for promotions such as the WWE and TNA, ROH has been in the background silently building up a solid year. Being able to put out quality matches like these at most of their major events is a sign that they're moving forward in the right direction, and it should be interesting to see how ROH will be able to sustain that momentum in 2016.

Photo from ROH


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