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Fan Hits Alberto del Rio (In Puerto Rico, Though)

Shades of Bruiser Brody?

In an incident that may not be as gory as the fabled shower stall murder of the feared grappler but certainly as chaotic, reigning WWE United States Champion and recent inductee into Sheamus' League of Nations Alberto del Rio was assaulted mid-match by a wrestling fan while performing at World Wrestling Council (WWC) in Puerto Rico.

The incident at Lockout, WWC's year-end card, was captured on fan video, and happened during a match against Ray Gonzalez, whose son Ray Gonzalez Jr. had been training at Shawn Michaels' Texas Wrestling Academy in San Antonio last November. Del Rio supposedly paid the father-and-son tandem a visit, only to end up slapping and insulting the younger Gonzalez and issuing a challenge.

This contest was supposedly in fulfilment of a contractual obligation from before Del Rio made his high-profile return to the WWE. The match had been announced a month prior, with the following press release.

World Wrestling Council announced this weekend on its television programming that WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio will face WWC Superstar Ray Gonzalez on WWC’s final event of the year “Lockout”. 
The match was set after Del Rio visited Shawn Michael’s Texas Wrestling Academy in San Antonio to meet Ray Gonzalez Jr, Ray Gonzalez’ son, who was there taking some wrestling classes. Ray started his wrestling carrer earlier this year in WWC. Del Rio slapped and insulted Gonzalez Jr. and his father, sending a message that they will face each other. 
Gonzalez vs. Del Rio will take place on December 5th in the historic Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.
The fan in question was immediately thrown out of the Ruben Rodriguez Arena, and the match continued. Del Rio was eventually disqualified after his real-life younger brother El Hijo de Dos Caras (perhaps more widely known as former WWE developmental talent Memo Montenegro) interfered on his behalf to break up a Gonzalez Figure Four Leglock.

Photo from WWE

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