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#FinisherFriday (12/25/15): Jingle Bells Rocked

Belated Merry Christmas, smarks!

We missed out on yesterday's weekly Finisher Friday due to Buezzy, our Smark Henry House Elf, spiking everyone's eggnog at the office Christmas party, but no worries—we're making up for it with what every man knows is the real ultimate finisher in the wrestling world.

Forget everything you know about such moves as Roman Reigns' spear, Undertaker's Tombstone, Triple H's Pedigree, Brock Lesnar's F5, or Neville's Red Arrow. Those are nice finishers, no argument there. But when it comes to destroying a man, crushing his dignity, and whooping him once and for all, nothing beats a good old-fashioned toe kick to his nuts.

The Miz shows Cesaro what he thinks of his moneymaker.
The WWE prepared this surprise supercut of some of the greatest low blows in its history to welcome the WWE Universe to the real season's greetings. We gotta admit, it was perversely satisfying watching Vince blasting Roman in his Hounds of Justice, Taker whacking Brock's Beast, Y2J turning the Heartbreak Kid into the Nutbreak Kid, Zack Ryder showing the fragility of his Long Island Iced Z, or MVP showing no respect for Kane's Big Red Machine.

Jingle bells rocked indeed.

Happy holidays everyone!

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