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#FinisherFriday (12/11/15): The Irony of the Finisher

Howdy-ho, Henrinites!

My apologies for being away for a while, as I was out doing "in-depth" research for this beloved column and trust me, I really found myself taking this vital piece of data from the so-called Machine. But now, I am in back pain for more of the hits, smacks, slams of everyone's favorite #FinisherFriday!

Tied in to my recent foray in the PWR ring, I found out firsthand that being an actual professional wrestler is different from all the scrapes I've had in the past. Gone are the plastic chairs to the face, Pedigrees on school playgrounds, and playful low blows in the restroom. These guys are totally legit pros and hold nothing back in making sure they get their chops in to win. With this nature of physicality, it really does ring true that wrestling takes a toll on not just your opponent's bodies, but even yours. (Not so sure with the Machine though, that dude is tough as a juggernaut.)

And it has been evident lately, as it has been a trying year for the wrestling business with all the legends going out with their boots on and critical injuries dropping champs and hotshots. And I say that, simply because these things alter the landscape of the business...

It's The Miz all over again..

Of course, there are still splashes of hope as we hear of courageous comebacks and heroic returns. Unfortunately, the dark side of this equation also leads to some depressing, albeit interesting news about some of our favorite icons and movers on their current situations.

Today, we highlight these ring artists, their respective match ending moves and holds that made them and are now keeping them from continuing to be who they are. Let's go...


Rack Attack - Nikki Bella

In an expected turn of events, the #Bellabration has fizzled out with the resurgence of the #DivasRevolution. But as the revolution has been waning, Team Bella has also lost steam with Alicia Fox's haircut, Brie's mode, and Nikki's apparent injury.

Nikki is currently out with bulging discs in her neck and back and is being labeled as career-threatening. Sadly, her version of the Argentinian Backbreaker called the Rack Attack, could also be the cause of this injury.

Good thing her knees aren't that banged up..

Yes Lock - Daniel Bryan

The good kind of spine-tingles..
Armed with a true man's beard and an affirmation that shook the entire world to its core, Daniel Bryan has been out since April this year and is in danger of missing his remaining years completely due to failing to get clearances from his concussion and neck injury history.

Strangely enough, with everyone who has had his neck wrenched by the Yes Lock, it was D-Bry that was put on the shelf. And as we are now getting accustomed to seeing the Yes-man in his plaid shirts and jeans, we can only hope that we can see him once again claiming glory in the ring.

RKO - Randy Orton

One of the biggest wrestling personalities of this era, Randy Orton has breached his third-generation status to becoming a multi-titled champion, company standard-bearer, and even tri-screen mainstream star.

Unfortunately, with all the years he has put into the ring, wear and tear has taken its hold on the Viper as he has been on the shelf since October as he is currently suffering from a serious shoulder injury with tendon tears. Of all the people he has put down with the most famous variation of the cutter, the RKO, karma has come out of nowhere to finally get back at him.

Scorpion Death Lock / Sharpshooter - Sting / Tyson Kidd

We even miss Tyson's bangs!
Two different wrestlers. Same backbreaking move. Both out with spine injuries.

Both men have also endured the worst timing for their injuries, as with Sting finally in the biggest wrestling stage befitting of this legend and Tyson Kidd was experiencing his best push so far in his career. As this somehow infectious injury bug has been going around the WWE roster, no one had it as worse as both the Stinger and Mr. Nattie went down with spinal injuries and are both still out as of press time.

While Tyson has gone under the knife and is healing up, Sting is still contemplating on a possible career-ending surgery. But it seems as though the scorpion has stung back after all the years they have been applying the Sasori gatame, also known as the Scorpion Deathlock/Sharpshooter, but literally means the scorpion hold. If you want to play the odds, Cesaro has been using the move and is also out with a shoulder injury. 

Scary, but we can only hope that these won't be thee wrestlers' last hurrah, As we, here in the Smark Henry offices all hope to see them perform again in future, we ask that...

... and wish our heroes well!


Lynch Imbat (@imbatlynchis a marketing guy by profession. He has a few constant things in his life: his family, his comics and his wrestling. Unsure if it were the plastic chair shots to the head, pro wrestling has altered his ways of understanding the intricacies of the world through finely crafted storylines and savagely fought feuds. Now that he has found a community of wrestling marks, he continues to learn and understand more while sharing his own views about wrestling.

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