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Impact Wrestling Results (12/16/15)

On the last Impact Wrestling of 2015 – and the last-ever on Destination America – the Final Four semi-finalists in the TNA World Title Series exchanged words in a roundtable!

In a video segment, Matt Hardy cut a promo on his journey to reclaim the TNA World Title.

1. Eight-man Tag Team Match: DJ Z, Manik, Mandrews, and X Division Champion Tigre Uno def. Crimson, Eli Drake, Micah, and Jessie Godderz
- Mandrews pined Drake after a 450 splash

In separate video segments, Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III cut promos on their TNA World Title Series journeys.

2. Four-way Elimination Match: Bobby Roode def. Eddie Edwards, Mr. Anderson, and Rockstar Spud
- Spud was eliminated by Edwards via a backslide pin counter to the Underdog
- Edwards, by Anderson after a Mic Check
- Anderson, by Roode via the crossface submission

Kurt Angle, in a video promo, praised all competitors in the TNA World Title Series. Then, Eric Young cut his own promo on the tournament.

After the break, all 4 semi-finalists in the TNA World Title Series faced off in a roundtable segment hosted by Josh Mathews.

** The next episode of Impact Wrestling will be aired on Pop TV on January 5, 2016.

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