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OFFICIAL: Mr. Sy Announces Path of Gold Tournament for PWR Terminus

Earlier today on Facebook, PWR General Manager Mr. Sy announced a special match for the upcoming PWR Terminus show:

PWR Path of Gold: 8 men. 2 championships. 1 opportunity.
On December 19th at PWR Terminus, we will be holding the inaugural PATH OF GOLD. In this contest, 8 men will battle it out for a shot at either of the two championships here at Philippine Wrestling Revolution. PATH OF GOLD starts out with two competitors in the ring, with the six others entering the playing field in 90-second intervals. The only way to win is for one to outlast every other competitor by way of submission or pin fall.

The winner of the contest is awarded the no. 1 contendership for a title of his choosing—either the PWR Championship or the Philippine Hybrid X Title. This will be one for the history books, Revo-nation and I’d hate for you to miss this! See you all at PWR Terminus, December 19th, 7PM, at the iAcademy Auditorium. I personally guarantee you that this will be our biggest and most exciting show of 2015.

Post & photo taken from Mr. Sy's official Facebook page

In an interesting development, Mr. Sy has created what looks to be PWR's first battle royal-style match: the Path of Gold tournament. The match style bears a striking resemblance to the Aztec Warfare match Lucha Underground has, and if it's anything to go by then we're in for one hell of a match.

Mr. Sy's also gone all-out on the roster for this match, making sure to showcase a mixture of PWR's current talent. This match has a great mix of established veterans (Bombay Suarez, Jake De Leon) and hungry newcomers (Rederick Mahaba and Idol), ensuring that we're going to see some fresh matchups in this one-of-a-kind fight.

With the number of interesting characters in this match, Smark Henry takes a look at three interesting stories that we can expect to see drive the Path of Gold match:

1. Double Duty. Previously, Mr. Sy announced the following tag team match for PWR Terminus:

Yes, that's four of the same men on the Path of Gold poster. In what poses to be a test of endurance, John Sebastian, Main Maxx, Bombay Suarez and Jake De Leon are set to pull off double duty at PWR Terminus. Now, we don't know yet how these matches are placed on the card, but it's going to make for an interesting battle come December 19. Expect to see shenanigans and more as each team tries to outmanuever the other in not one, but two bouts of wrestling.

2. Bad Blood, Redux. We're not guaranteed to see them in the ring together, but the possibility of Peter Versoza and SANDATA going at it one more time should be an interesting prospect. At PWR Live, Versoza put one over his former tag team partner by picking up a victory over the masked SANDATA. Versoza's building up momentum, but will SANDATA be able to pay him back this time? It will be interesting to see whether these two will cross paths again in the Path of Gold tournament, and whether or not SANDATA gets some measure of revenge.

Will Versoza continue to assert dominance over his former partner, or will SANDATA pay him back?

3. Welcome to the Big Leagues. In what seems to be a gesture of trust, Mr. Sy has allowed Rederick Mahaba and James "Idol" Martinez to participate in the first-ever Path of Gold tournament. Considering they just debuted at PWR Live, that's a sign that Mr. Sy is entrusting the future of this promotion to these two newcomers.

At PWR Live, Mahaba received a royal beatdown at the hands of the Royal Flush after losing his debut to Main Maxx. With the Perfect 10 and the Ace of the Royal Flush in the fray, will the King of Schlong Style even the score? Meanwhile, Idol picked up a surprising victory over Jake De Leon — thanks in part to the patented Idol Supplements (though we're sure that Main Maxx run-in played a big role). Idol knows what it takes to prosper and be successful, and it'll be interesting to see whether he strikes gold at PWR Terminus.


With 8 men set to compete for this unique opportunity, predicting a winner for this is as difficult as it gets. Maybe Bombay/JDL's veteran experience gets them through the end, or Sebastian gets it right on his second opportunity for a royal ticket to the top. Maybe Main Maxx. Versoza might continue his streak, while SANDATA may start a new one. Those Idol Supplements might strike a new business opportunity for Idol, while Rederick Mahaba might prove that love does triumph over everything. Who is your pick to win the Path of Gold tournament? Let us know in the comments section below!

It's going to be one hell of a fight at PWR Terminus, and we can't wait for Mr. Sy to ring the bell.

Photos taken from the official PWR Facebook page, as well as Hub Pacheco.

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