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Sheamus' New WWE Championship Plates Revealed

New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus might not be a popular choice among the IWC to be king of the wrestling world, but that's not stopping the Celtic Warrior from making long-term plans for ruling the WWE.

We initially wondered if the WWE would be recycling the old "Lucky Charms" sideplates from Sheamus' previous title reigns to replace the generic WWE logo plates the belt has been bearing ever since it was vacated by Seth Rollins.

While certainly not an eyesore, they're a far cry from the aggressive, belligerent, mohawked hooligan he plays today. Frankly, they're a bit too friendly.

But it looks like we needn't have worried, as the champ recently took to social media to give us a first look at his new custom sideplates. We quite like them.

His new plates contain the word "laoch," an Irish term that means "warrior," "champion," or "hero," which gives us a bit of insight on how Great White sees himself, and certainly adds a lot more toughness than cries of "FELLA!" ever could.

The WWE posted an exclusive video as well showing the new plates being installed. Sheamus is clearly beside himself with glee.

What do you think of Sheamus' new customized side plates? Are they an improvement over the old Irish clovers? Let us know your thoughts below.

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