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SmackDown RunDown (12/10/15): Roman Reigns vs The World

What’s poppin’, Henrinites? Welcome to another edition of SmackDown RunDown! I’m Ricky, reporting for another Thursday night. I missed last week’s episode since I had a lot on my plate—I still do have a lot on my plate, to be honest—but now I’m back, and boy, what the hell did I miss? I feel like a lot happened while I was gone and TLC is this weekend! Holy jabroni! So let’s get down to it before I miss more stuff.

Roman Reigns and The League of Nations

First, here’s my two cents about Sheamus’ little club of foreigners. It’s funny how Creative surrounded Sheamus with three talented stars as cohorts to make him look interesting. Normally, I’d disagree with this move, but hey, they made it work. Sheamus, Barrett, and Rusev were a team prior to this anyway, and Alberto del Rio, well, his gimmick stinks so yeah, I don’t mind him hanging around. Besides, the Sheamus-Reigns saga won’t have any steam after a month without the League and Reigns’ family, if you will, to make things more interesting. Another thing about the League is that each member except for Barrett has their own individual feuds going on simultaneously, giving each member some shade of individuality. Now just give Barrett someone to feud with so he wouldn’t feel left out.

Look at them, being supportive and united and all.

SmackDown opened this week with Dashing Roman Reigns taking on LoN Mexican representative Alberto del Rio sans the MexAmerica agenda. Hooray for this! This match was predictably physical, a rematch from last month’s Survivor Series. The match ended in a brawl, as it should have, since each member of the League and Reigns’ backups were at ringside. I almost thought this match was the main event placed on top of the show just like what they did last Monday on RAW. That should never happen again. Not on SmackDown’s watch. SmackDown's new head writer Road Dogg better be taking notes. I'm watching you. If this is the best you could do for the Blue Brand then I'll really go ahead and switch to ROH. 

Match Rating: 6/10. It ended in a brawl. What a twist.

I don't mind seeing McBerty on the title hunt someday.

The main event featured an 8-man tag match (surprise, surprise) as the Reigns family faced the League of Nations. I now realize that this is the go-home match for Sunday. Was it good? Meh. The match was pretty standard. I’m just glad it didn’t end in DQ or something. For the second week in a row, Reigns was able to get the victory. No one is really excited for TLC, huh?

Match Rating: 6/10. The faces won. Everybody’s happy.

It's like The Shield, but Seth Rollins was split into two.

Well That’s One Way to Sign Contracts

Kevin Owens almost pulled a fast one on this week’s Intercontinental Championship match contract signing by sending in his attorney to sign the contract for him. I hate it when lawyers and policemen infiltrate wrestling shows. This is a wrestling show, not Law and Order. People fight here. I hope this doesn’t result in a lawsuit angle or something after Ambrose planted the poor attorney with Dirty Deeds. I’m excited to see this match on Sunday. Like I said before, this rivalry will be a classic one.

Dean Ambrose loves to do barricade spots.

Lucha Dragons Got Some TLC Momentum

The triple threat tag team ladder match this Sunday is the match I’m actually excited to see. The three fabulous unicorns in the New Day are still the hot commodity of the company today and I can’t wait to see them in action against flying dragons and hyper Samoans. This week, we got a taste of this match when the New Day took on the Lucha Dragons in a fast-paced tag match. #Kalisto2016 was able to hit Salida del Sol on a groggy Xavier Woods to gain momentum this Sunday. I think they are priming the dragons to win the gold, although I still don’t want the reign of New Day to end. Whoever wins on Sunday, I’d still be hyped. Side note: I’d buy Kofi’s kicks any day.

Match Rating: 8/10. A little sneak peek of Sunday’s awesome tag ladder match.

Nobody can sell unicorn merchandise better than these three right here.

And The Show Went On

Needless to say, this episode was just there, so here’s the rest of the show.
Another Ziggler vs Breeze match? I thought we were past this rivalry. Nothing came out of it and everyone involved should just move on with their lives. At least Ziggler won. 

Match Rating: 7/10. It was still fun to watch. 

Hopefully, the last superkick of this stale rivalry.
Ah, the Paige-Charlotte saga. Honestly, I have no idea what they want to do with both of these women. One minute Charlotte’s being a dick, and another, we’re cheering for her. They were teasing a double turn of some sort but now, I don’t know. Becky Lynch defeated Paige this week after Charlotte caused the distraction. So are Charlotte and Becky friends again or something? Just insert Sasha Banks in the title hunt already.

Match Rating: 6/10. Short and sweet.

See, Charlotte now has the heel Diva look now.
Ryback squashed the living shit out of the Ascension. I’m not saying this because I hate Ryback, but what the actual f**k was that match? That was like a minute or two. Couldn’t they just wrestle for like five more minutes and try to give the Ascension some credibility or something? No? Okay then. At least we got a nice heel moment from Rusev and Lana. 

Match Rating: 3/10. I hope Rusev kicks your ass this Sunday.

"Look at me, I'm Ryback. Hear me snarl!"
SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: I’ve read some write-ups about WWE not having any plans what they want to do in the future and with the recent decline of their ratings, everyone is seemingly in panic mode. This edition of SmackDown felt nothing like a go-home show. Is everyone hyped for TLC this Sunday? If you are, good for you. I’ll give this episode a C rating.

Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown? Should Kevin Owens join the League of Nations? Where is Jack Swagger? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


Ricky Jay Publico is a wrestling fan who enjoys watching high flyers and brawlers battle it out in the ring. A known Botchamania binge-watcher, he claims to have memorized the chronological order of Royal Rumble winners, but fails to remember who won in 2004. He writes stories about life and nonsense.

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