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Sting: 'I'll Have To Have Surgery'

It looks like the end of the road for Sting.

In a recent appearance on Ric Flair's WOOOOO! Nation podcast, the wrestling legend gave his first update on the condition of his neck since October, after a pair of buckle bombs by then-WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins caused him to collapse twice in the ring.

In case you need a refresher, skip ahead to 1:49 in the video for the spot where he first gets hurt and collapses on the mat, then hang on a few more seconds for another sequence where the Stinger gets Irish-whipped, ducks a clothesline, and collapses once again.

In his podcast appearance, Sting is quick to speak up once more in defense of Rollins.

"Obviously that night I had some problems. Both buckle bombs—not Seth's fault, completely mine, I have no idea what I did, I have no idea—but my neck whiplashed on both of them. On the second one, he picked me up and I'm having a casual conversation in my own mind as I'm hoisted up on his shoulders thinking 'okay, Steve, tuck your chin. Do what you know how to do. This is ridiculous.' I wasn't worried at all, even though the first one I had a shock going down the left and right thigh down both down to the fingertips. And I thought 'oh man' you can see me in the ring trying to shake my hands out and get feeling back in my hands. And then the second time, again, having the casual conversation, and then for whatever reason I clicked out, checked out, I don't know what happened but I did the same thing. This time, it affected my legs. Yeah, there was just no strength. The power in my legs was just kinda going away and I felt like I didn't have control over them, and I didn't. I had a temporary paralysis. For a few minutes I thought 'I don't think I can continue, I think I'm done. But I can't do this, the stakes are so high, and I can't do this to Seth.' Anyway, then the crowd starts chanting and everything else. Somehow or another it just kinda came back enough where 'okay, I can do another minute or two here and get out of this thing.'"

But here's the real bombshell. According to his talks with WWE Medical Director Joseph Maroon, MD—the same Dr. Maroon who refuses to let Daniel Bryan back into the ring, no less—it looks like cervical fusion may be one of the last remaining options to get his neck fixed.

"Yeah, MRI's and neurologists have been looking at it, Dr. Maroon out of Pittsburgh, he's looked at it. He's telling me that I'll have to have a surgery. The dust only in the last couple weeks has kind of started to settle a little bit for me, just trying to get so much done in life but now it's time to go get this thing taken care of. No, I'm hoping (they don't have to do a fusion surgery). I know that's one of the techniques that they use and I'm not sure if Dr. Maroon will have to do that or not. I've got two spots in my neck that are troublesome. I guess it's called cervical spinal stenosis. That's what it is. I have two areas in my neck where the spinal canal, which holds the spinal cord, it's kind of choked off in two different locations. Lucky that a catastrophe didn't happen that night, long story short. I've gotta go get it fixed. I guess John Cena had something very similar, he had his fixed, and Dr. Maroon has done several of the WWE guys up there and all with great success."

At 56 years of age, the 12-time former world champion probably doesn't have much choice but to retire if the surgery pushes through. A grand career finale at WrestleMania 32 is probably off the table as well.

Our prayers go out to Sting for a smooth recovery. Keep fighting, Stinger. We'll never lose our faith in you.

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