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The Grapevine (12/31/15): Finn the Human

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Grapevine! This is our daily post rounding up all the interesting rumors from the wild, wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

We didn't have a bunch of newsable news yesterday, but 2015 isn't giving up without a fight:

  • There are concerns about Finn Balor and Bayley's future in the company. Not that they'll be fired or anything. Some are concerned about Balor's health as he is 34 and still carrying the NXT brand as champion and main-eventer, and he's not making the big money wrestlers on the main roster make. As for Bayley, some are concerned about her viability on the Divas division; either she makes it big as the John Cena of the division with casual appeal or she simply fails. They don't see an in-between. (Source: WON)

We say: If Balor's doing it for the love of the game, then we can't fault him for that. Let the man work however he wants to work; if he wants to make more money then he'll take the main roster gig, if he doesn't, he'll stay. (And if he gets called up, he may have little say in the matter.) But if he leaves the company one day without getting to RAW, he'll still be better off with a raised profile should he come back to NJPW or show up elsewhere.

As for Bayley, WWE brass are once again overthinking things. Bayley is popular, like Sasha Banks is popular. All they have to do is what they're already doing with her on NXT, and they'll get their crossover star.

  • It seems as though reDRagon might not be headed to NXT after all. We reported earlier this year that their ROH contracts were up at the end of 2015 and that WWE was trying to recruit them to load the brand with new stars, but the word is the talks with ROH are progressing well. For what it's worth, TNA had been trying to get them as well. (Source: WON)

We say: It's not super-final that they're coming back to ROH. Fans, you can still hold your breath; nothing's done until it's done.

What do you think? Would you rather keep Finn Balor in NXT and turn him into the centerpiece of the brand when it inevitably grows bigger next year? Do you think Bayley would be an instant star in the Divas division? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Photo from WWE

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